Aston Martin Is To Launch Its First Ever SUV Model

The British automobile giant Aston Martin is for the first time in its history of car designing and producing extending to the SUV segment with the introduction of its latest all-new Varekai SUV model.

Following the reveal of DBX SUV concept the brand introduced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the Varekai model is the final approved design to be launched this upcoming year.

When the concept was first introduced, the SUV was supposed to take a two-door face but according to the more recent expectations, the model will sport simple four doors design with a coupe-style roof.

Likewise, the initial plan to make Varekai an all-electric SUV is now being rethought and the brand will according to the reports complete the model with petrol power fueling. The engines will be available in two versions of V8 and a V12.

Since Varakai will be undoubtedly a premium SUV some of its main features will include a four-wheel drive-train and steering system.

The designing of the model is almost complete and therefore after the initial test driving the official launch should be imminent. Hopefully, we will be able to view a first official specimen by the end of this year.