Top Marques Monaco: Exclusive Car Exhibition in the Heart of Monaco

Perhaps you have heard before about the elaborate exhibition of luxurious cars in the blissful yacht capital state Monaco.

The Top Marques Monaco event is annually organized in the city’s center and attracts thousands of highly prominent guests and spectators from all around the world.

The event is not only one of a kind because of its opulence and grandiosity but also due to the fact that it is the only automotive exhibition that uses racing tracks of the adjacent Formula 1 Grand Prix to showcase the long line of luxurious cars.

Last year the event celebrated its 15th anniversary with so far the most visited and successful parade. The city of Monaco was filled with over 40 000 guests who came in to spectate a collection of premium supercars, rare classic cars, and several revolutionary vehicles.

The Top Marques Monaco is known for combining a passion for luxurious cars with other splendid products such as jewelry. That is why the event closely collaborates with prominent brands and for its guest organizes additional displays of other luxurious products at Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum.

Partial profit from the ticket sale is donated to the Monaco Aide et Présence charity established by the reigning Prince Albert.

Next year’s event is slowly approaching since its official dates have been set out for 11th until 14th April. Any true car enthusiast should definitely not miss out the glory of this outstanding event.