LUXPRO Monaco 2018: An Invitation-Only Business Event That We Visited!

You all have definitely heard about many different business events that take place somewhere in the world almost every day. Some of you maybe even attended a business event and in that case, this article will be interesting for you. For those who haven’t attended yet, let me tell you what does it even mean.

As the title “business event” says, it’s all about business. Imagine being on an event where a lot of successful businessmen and corporations meet and where they discuss each others’ ideas. Sounds like a great place to get opportunities, right? Well, that’s exactly what business events are for.

Today, we would like to tell you about LUXPRO Monaco 2018, an invitation-only business event where we had the pleasure to be.

The CEO of LUXPRO, Gulshat Uzenbaeva, was the one who made such an event possible and thanks to her, many corporations and businessmen with a potential could meet, talk, and some of them even discuss cooperations and partnerships.

The CEO of LUXPRO, Gulshat Uzenbaeva

What’s so special about LUXPRO and the events they organize? Well, first of all, they are happening quite often and not always in the same place. That means, on every event, there are always new businessmen and corporations that are given a chance to make their business even bigger.

The ONN Network is a proud partner of LUXPRO and to cooperate with someone like Gulshat Uzenbaeva… it’s one of the best things that could happen.

One of the many things we are working on with LUXPRO is exactly what they are best at – organizing events. Yes, there will be an event which can be considered as “ours”. But that’s another story which we will tell you about later.