Michael Coste’s Chic Exhibition Hunt Is the True Essence of Parisian Elegance

No matter where you are from or where you live, if you are a true fashion enthusiast the name Michael Coste definitely rings a bell. All things Hermès expert and the brand’s executive director at once dictates each season what the forthcoming trends in fashion will be like. Since Hermès is one of the top-leading luxurious fashion brands which debuts exclusive and extremely limited merchandise to only highly prominent clientele there is no wonder why the brand employed Michael’s executive leadership and creative input.

Despite Michael’s constant travelling all around the globe, his place of residence is none other than the metropolis of fashion, Paris. The evidence that Michael has a true Parisian soul is quite clearly and often demonstrated on his social media feed.

Michael has been recently spotted devoting some of his free time to exploring local Parisian exhibitions such as the one of artist Miro held at the art crème de la crème hotspots Grand Palais.

A few days later, Michael continued with his exhibition hunt and despite being a local for many years now he could not have resisted visiting the mecca of classical art Louvre. We even got to catch a glimpse of his all-time favourite painting ”The Wedding Feast at Cana” painted by an Italian artist Paolo Veronese.

We are used to Michael always channeling the true essence of elegance and chic and it was not any different during his museum hunt. During both visits, he sported extremely elegant and minimalistic looks, dressed all black head-to-toe.

We hope that the days of Michael’s museum strolls are not over and he will share some more inspo with his social media and ONN Network followers.