Ariana Grande Just Debuted Her New Post Break-Up Single

No doubt the singer Ariana Grande has been going through a rough patch during this past couple of months. Her recent break-up with now ex-fiancé Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson and a previous tragic overdose of her former boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller must have left Ariana on an emotional rollercoaster.

There is no better way for an artist to cope with blasting emotions rather than through proper studio therapy. That is exactly what Ariana did and as a result of long hours spent in the recording studio, she debuted her new single ‘Thank U, Next’.

Ari’s heartfelt break-up banger immediately gone viral and today already jumped on top of music charts and Spotify’s most played list. Especially because of Ariana’s honesty in the song lyrics, her fans immediately showed an incredible amount of support and pushed and shared the song on top of the YouTube trends.

“Even almost got married
And for Pete, I’m so thankful
Wish I could say, “Thank you” to Malcolm
‘Cause he was an angel”

The singer debuted the new single together with her vocalists at a live performance on the Ellen Show. The trio dressed in head-to-toe all white and low-key channelled bridal looks which ended up being really funny considering the context of the song.

On one of her Instagram posts, she shared from the show’s backstage, she referred to herself and the duo as to the ‘First Wives Club 2018’. Maybe it was even a small dig at the fact that Ariana was still engaged to marry Pete Davidson not even a month ago.

Ariana’s latest album ‘Sweetener’ is still trending even after a couple of months since its official release. We cannot wait for the release of the Thank U, Next album that is according to Ari already in its making. Hopefully, the music video to the song will be as fab as her first live performance.