The Talented Alketa Vejsiu Star Hosting the Dance With Me Albania Show

One of our prominent network members, the well-known singer and Tv presenter Alketa Vejsiu is currently extremely pre-occupied hosting the already fifth edition of one of the most popular shows on Albanian prime time Tv, the Dance With Me Albania show.

Alketa is doing an incredible job hosting the show and supporting the contestants who not only have to perform their dance routines live but also have to face a panel of judges consisting out of professional dancers and entertainers from the industry. Some of them would be without Alketa’s constant moral and emotional support truly lost.

Alketa is a real gem to the show, not only by being easy on the eye but her witty performance is entertaining viewers all over as well as outside of Albania. Thanks to how well the show is doing, the Tv Klan channel has recorded an extremely high increase in overall ratings and views this year.

Despite being a true natural beauty, Alketa has to go through a hefty pre-show preparation process on weekly basis ranging from extensive hair and make-up to additional presenting speech preps. She oftentimes shares these backstage prep clips with her fans on Instagram.

She manages all that on top of her singing career and being a full-time mommy to two adorable kids. Alketa is defo a true inspiration and we cannot get enough of the posts that she often shares to her ONN Network page.