The Drop of Exclusive Gold Playstation Controller Will Change Your Whole Gaming Experience

Have you ever held a lavish gaming sesh, ordered bottles of exclusive champagne and served the most exquisite catering for you and your friends but still felt like something was missing? Well, up until now there was not released any premium console hardware that would totally amp up the style of your gaming party.

However, the luxury electronic producer Brikk has thought of needs of its most demanding clients and introduced a brand new version of Sony‘s PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Controller.

The premium controller is coated in 24 karats yellow gold with a layer of clear veneer feature to securely safeguard the metal and provide an unattended gaming experience. The play buttons are produced from 18 karats gold and bedazzled with seven diamonds totally worth of 0,25 carats.

If that would not be enough Brikk also offers a possibility of a complete customization according to own preferences. Additionally, for the ultimate luxury enthusiasts, the brand designed a special diamond-heavy Deluxe version that features in total nine play buttons instead of seven, covered in 18 karats gold and embellished with conflict-free diamonds of total 2,20 carats.

So if you would like to top all of your previous gaming experiences and upgrade your gear defo do not hesitate and pre-order for the launch that is scheduled for this upcoming holiday season.