Swatch X Damien Hirst & Carlo Giordanetti: An Iconic Cartoon Character Timepiece To Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday!

Mickey Mouse has been in many people’s lives for a very long period of time. We all remember us in the childhood as we watched Disney’s cartoons, including Mickey Mouse, who will never be forgotten. Even today millions of children are watching Mickey. We can without any doubt say that it isn’t just a cartoon anymore, it has become a culture.

Did you know that Mickey has turned 90 years old? If you did, applause for you! It was on the 18th of November in 1928 when Mickey Mouse “was born”.

To celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday, Swatch and Damien Hirst in collaboration with Carlo Giordanetti prepared a special and limited edition timepiece, which shows us what “playful” should look like on watches.

Only 19,999 pieces were produced and they are affordable for many people, costing $125 each. Very interesting for those who are avid collectors. Get yours, before it is sold out.

The launch event for this special occasion happened in Shanghai. Swatch picked this destination because of the popularity the brand got in Asia and also because Swatch Art Peace Hotel, a residency program for artists is located in Shanghai as well.

Carlo Giordanetti, Creative Director of Swatch is the man thanks to whom a launch events like this one are possible. He is the one who stands behind all the events and sponsors.  We must say something many people already know – it’s mostly thanks to him that Swatch is so popular and successful.

It’s really great to see how different artists and timepiece manufacturers appreciate the iconic Mickey Mouse!