Diora Romanova: Miss USSR Monaco’s Contestant, Actress, Lover Of Dance And Sports All In One!

Not a long time ago, you’ve had a chance to read an article about Miss USSR Monaco 2018, a competition in which beautiful women from post-Soviet countries met and represented their countries.

All the beautiful models who were in attendence,  presented not only themselves, their personality but also the beauty of their countries they came from. After that, judges made an important descision by picking the best. It was not easy but they discussed who should win the first place.

Their overal appearances were judged by a panel of well respected judges, among which was one of the main one –  Gulshat UzenbaevaLUXPRO’s CEO, who is our honored partner.

Today, we have prepared for you an interview with Diora Romanova – a beautiful and ambitious woman born in Kazakhstan who competed in Miss USSR Monaco.

Q: Hello Diora! Not a long time ago, you represented your home country, Kazakhstan, in Miss USSR Monaco 2018. What were your feelings on your way there? Did you feel nervous or were you calm and confident as always?

As it was my first beauty contest ever I felt a huge responsibility of representing my country on the international level. Especially in Monaco, which is a small place with a big authority. Being a very young and independent country in the world, Kazakhstan is still not known a lot. My personal mission was to show a beautiful and historical background that my country has. I was absolutely calm and confident as in real life.

Q: What was the experience in Monaco like? What was your most favorite moment there?

The fact that Miss USSR UK 2018 was first held in Monaco was a challenge for the whole organizing team, not only contestants. From the first day, Monaco seemed to us like a tiny heaven on earth with such a breathtaking nature and gorgeous views. All of the girls, included me really enjoyed the sun-kissed warm weather every morning.

Q: What are your feelings now after it’s all over? Was there anything you would now want to change when it comes to the representation of your country at Miss USSR Monaco 2018?

After I won my crown I thought that I still have so much more to tell about myself and my country because of the time limit we were given at the competition – I had only one minute. But at least I’ve shown at least a few of our great mountains in Almaty city.

Q: You are not only a beautiful, confident and ambitious woman but also an actress. You said that when acting, you feel like you’re challenging yourself. What has been the biggest challenge when it comes to acting? Would you like to tell us the story behind it?

Well, I am an actress who radiates charisma. I have been interested in art since my childhood and acting is the way I can express my personal character. Even when you go through different roles, the main thing is to stay real and true. Let people believe in the story you want to tell. What’s challenging is the finding of similarity within each role you are playing. Acting is therapy for my soul. I started my career with great actors in Kazakhstan and they lift me up with all the knowledge.

Q: You also said that when acting, you can be whoever you want to be. If you could be anyone for one whole day, who would you be and why?

I would say I would want to live a life of Beyonce. She has always been my muse and the way she accepts things in life is very close to mine. All her great songs and dances are my passion. She is a very strong woman and I’m giving a lot of respect to her. Beyonce is my icon in many ways.

Q: Not only are you representing your home country and acting, but you also dance. Is it just a hobby or do you have any big plans?

My story about dancing has started with my mother. She was a dancer and always wanted to continue her dreams through her child. And so I have been into dancing since my birth till nowadays. My daily routine includes dancing as well. I am sure I will keep doing it all my life. My grandmother did put out a lot of effort to raise me and she also took me to all my classes.

Q: You also like sport. Paragliding, skydiving, hiking, surfing – all of these are on your list of favorite sports. Which one would you consider your most favorite one and why?

I am too much of a sports person. Surfing is the most dangerous activity among all. My passion for surfing is bigger than my fear of waves. We are all equal before a wave. And the feeling is the same as you can fly. Once a year, I would like to plan a getaway to Bali to live there in a special surf camp.

Q: Is there any sport you always wanted to try out but never had a chance to do so? If yes, which one is it and what is so special about it for you?

It may sound hilarious but I always wanted to play a football. If I were a man I would definitely be a football star.

Q: This Summer, you’ve traveled a lot. What is your most loved destination in the world?

I spent this year’s summer in Spain. I liked Barcelona the most – I love the combination of urban and sea. Whenever you need vitamin D, you just drive to the beach side of a city. And as an art lover, I couldn’t have missed Gaudi’s architecture. He is out of everything typical and one of the greatest ever.

Q: On the other hand, what is the destination you consider your “dream place” to visit?

This is the best question, every time I feel pleasure replying to it. My dream place is the City of Angels – Los Angeles! It is my final destination and a place I want to spend my life in.

Q: Where are you planning to travel next?

Soon, I am going to South America to explore their culture. South America has got a very exotic nature and the most amazing beaches as well.

Q: Do you have any plans for the future you can tell us about?

My one and only plan is to become a good wife and a mother. I want to travel as much as I can with my family. Everything else is real to achieve and not far from coming true. Also, I am planning to do charity in African countries. It’s my ultimate goal.

Thank you, Diora, for giving us such great answers! We wish you a lot of accomplishments in the future.

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