L’Oréal Surpasses Beauty Limits With the Introduction of a New UV Exposure Tracking Sensor

No matter how hard we try, the impact of UV radiation on our skin is at the current day and age simply unavoidable. However, laboratories of many prominent beauty brands have been increasingly working on many prototypes that can at least to a certain extent measure the amount of UV radiation we are exposed to.

The first cosmetic and beauty mogul who recently introduced such prototype was the renewed French company L’Oréal.

Under the brand’s skincare division La Roche Posay, the company launched a miniature wearable sensor that can be easily clipped onto clothing, accessories or skin while measuring the amount of UV exposure the wearer is undergoing.

The La Roche Posay My Skin Track UV sensor is paired together with a parallel mobile app where the user can easily track the different levels of UV exposure. The app similarly provides customized advice for the specific user on how to best protect his or her skin.

The connection between the sensor and the app facilitates an important interchange of data where the sensor identifies the UVA radiation and the app’s algorithm consequently calculates the UVB exposure.

Thanks to its pint-sized size the sensor is almost invisible. One would have to observe really closely to find the sensor noticeable. Moreover, the sensor comes in a variety of designs an colours. Customers can choose from either a combo of vibrant blue and white or more subtle tones of beige, off-pink and white.

The whole project was born at the L’Oréal’s Tech Incubator which is the company’s technology research and development lab. Guive Balooch who is the leading employee of the incubator sees an immense amount of potential in such novice technologies that combine beauty and healtcare.

“I think that it opens the door for a new consumer market for us, and a new retail environment. Everything is just under the umbrella of technology, design, and how beauty can be at the center of that.”

Well, we could not agree more. The sensor seems like a fantastic idea an prototype designed to mitigate one’s sun exposure levels as well as to help to fight skin cancer caused by overexposure to UV radiation.