Meet Kareem Zoro For Special Interview About 10 Must-Hit Party Destinations In Dubai

Like everything Dubai has to offer, its party scene is quite spectacular. Dubai’s entertainment options are limitless.City of Dubai is the lifestyle mecca for the entire region bringing lively atmoshere, celebrities and world-class DJs from around the world.

Without a doubt there’s so much to see and do in Dubai that visitors could spend weeks exploring and still not experience it all. Kareem Zoro is a pro brand ambassador sharing with ONN Magazine an insider’s ultimate party guide, so your next trip to Dubai is fantastic.


Q: When the sun goes down, the fun begins. What are the hottest high-end clubs for night time?

Given its hot climate in Dubai, the life actually begins in the evening, people usually hang out until midnight until they come out and party. The hottest clubs that are sought after and visited frequently by many celebrities are:

  1. White Dubai:The best out door club in Dubai and marked the 20th in the world

  2. Base Dubai: The newcomer spot full of celebrities at all times

  3. Billionaire Dubai: As the name describes, it is the most luxury and glamorous club

  4. 1OAK Dubai: Is the spot, If you are looking for something cozy with NYC vibes

  5. Toyroom Dubai: Home of the famous Ted bear welcoming the guests

Q: Dubai is wonderful location not only to the night-life but offers also fun happening at the resort beach clubs open during the day. Please give us your recommendation on the top 5.

I would recommend these quality beach clubs that are worth visiting :

  1. Blue Marlin Ibiza

  2. Nikki beach

  3. Drais beach

  4. Soho beach

  5. Cove beach

Q: Would you share with us any useful tips when it comes to the actual rules applied in EUA clubing?

The legal age for drinking in Dubai is 21 years of age, as Dubai’s door policy does not allow minors. The bars that serve alcohol tend to be the ones found in hotels. In Dubai, nightclubs are required to close by 3 am, exept White Dubai and Base Dubai that close at 4am. Strict fines are issued if music continues beyond this hour.

Q: Are there any restrictions during the Ramadan ?

Yes, If you happen to visit Dubai during Ramadan period (approximetally, from May 6th until the June 4th ), all clubs are closed. As majority of the bars will be closed as well during this month you can find few bars and restaurants but they will be very subdued, with no live music or dancing allowed, only backround music.

Q: What is the Dress code like in these high-end clubs ?

Dress code is very important. You should always wear nice clothes to get in to the club. Shoes have to be dressy and definitelly closed-toe. They wont let you in otherwise. Not to risk your luck, better leaving the sneakers at home as well. 

Q: If you want to have a peaceful night and enjoy the most of it, tell us how to avoid the long club lines or get a free drink ?

To avoid the queues would be much better if you do a table reservation so you will be surely let in 100%, always good opportunity for couples to get in from the walk in.

To enter you must have a prove of your ID, not a copy as most of the clubs they don’t accept copy or photo on the phone. It is a law.

Another important thing is to never argue at the door if you get refused for any reason just walk away and next time come politely. If you cause any problems you can get banned.

Most of the Dubai clubs having ladies night all week so most of the girls drink for free.

Q: You being in the scene makes you interact and meet very interesting people from all around the world. What celebrities you worked and interacted with ?               

Paris Hilton , Gordon Ramsay , Richie Akiva, Jason Derulo, Francesco Totti , Rich homie Quan, 6ix9ine , Akon , Floyd Mayweather, Timati , Egor Kreed just to name a few.

Q: Being an club ambassador there is couple perks you can offer. Can you tell us what you can help your clients with?

Usually I am getting the best located table in the club as I am always showing up with image models, celebrities and football stars. I have friends who always come to Dubai or friends of friends spreading my contact as I help them with reservations, best spots. I lead them where to go to dinner or just find hidden cozy chillin lounges with good vibes and great view of the city.

I also host at my prime table if they are not a big group, so they can join mine.

Q: Tell us more about your begginings. How did you end up in the nightlife scene?

When I was 18 I got an opportunity to do a promotion for Tiesto, and from then on my nightlife journey have started. Since then I have worked with well- known clubs like Pacha, Space, Hard-rock and festivals like White sensation, Unite with Tomorrowland or FSOE.

Q: What do you love the most about your job?

To be a nightlife brand ambassador always gives you an opportunity to meet new people, different nationalities, celebrities, models , football stars.

Q: Being surrounded by famous people and constantly in the public eye brings challenges. What are they?

It’s not that easy to be a brand ambassador you always need to be unique, dressing up very well cause you are at all the times on the spot. Even 1 mistake can let you lose everything. You have to be patient. Many people they don’t understand this kind of job, so sometimes you hear words which are not pleasant, but the good thing is you always have fun, going out every night with the most beautiful models!

Q: What is the next big event you are attending and what should we expect?

Formula kicks off from Friday untill Sunday, we always watch it on The Royal Terrace hosted by agency Rich list group. This year we are expecting many celebrities coming like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, as she in Dubai now.

This year lineup for F1 is Postmalone, The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Guns, Nelly, French Montana, Future, Tyga, Mambo Brothers, Black Coffee and many more.

Next time you are interested in enriching your social life, consider Dubai! It is an exciting and happening destination and should be on your traveling list!

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