Annie Leibovitz Has the Most Iconic Celebrity Portfolio You Have Ever Seen

During her latest visit to Nashville, Tennesse, the iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz reminisced over almost 50 years of her successful career. Not to mention the amount of renewed A-listers Annie has over the years photographed and collaborated with on many different photoshoots varying from fashion campaigns and magazine covers to simple atelier shoots.

Annie’s portfolio is therefore undoubtedly one of the most iconic photographic masterpieces of a modern history.

Annie has begun her career in the late ’60s when she found her passion for photography after enrolling at the San Francisco Art Institute where she originally aimed to study painting. Shortly after she landed a job at the Rolling Stone magazine that kicked-off Annie’s career and completely changed her life for good.

Following her success at Rolling Stone, Annie’s star begun to rise and many lucrative opportunities started to flow her way. The famous pop-culture and fashion magazine Vanity Fair spotted Annie’s work and immediately hitched her to work for them. From then on, Annie also became a well-acclaimed fashion photographer and went on to collaborate with numerous other prominent fashion magazines, namely VOGUE.

Annie’s portfolio is immensely large and that is why people differ in what can be considered as Annie’s most iconic celebrity photographs. However, we are bringing you an overview of our personal favourites of some of Annie’s works of art.

The Beatles frontman John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono photographed by Annie on the day Lennon was shot.

Actress Meryl Streep has been photographed by Annie over the years on multiple occasions and this specific picture was one of the first ever Annie Leibovitz shots of Meryl taken back in 1981.

Actress Demi Moore shot pregnancy photographs with Annie for the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991.

One of the more recent works of Annie is the photoshoot she did with the British Queen Elizabeth II. who specifically chose and booked Annie which shows how acclaimed Annie truly is even among the monarchy.

In 1984, this iconic photo of comedian Whoopi Goldberg was created by an accident as she slipped into the bath filled with milk. Leibovitz has said: “And I went, oh, my goodness, this is graphically amazing and interesting.”

Apart from her career as a photographer, Annie has also delved into writing and released several best selling books. One of her most popular books is the ‘At Work’ by Annie Leibovitz which got published in the early ’90s. Until this day, the book serves sort of as a guidebook for photographers. According to Annie, the book depicts several of her most renewed photographs that helped her to develop her photographic skills.

“It goes through several of my images and creative ideas that helped me learn about taking photographs…”

Annie has without a doubt incredibly shaped the photography industry. At the moment she is spreading the word about her past career successes and future plans at evening talks around the US. One upcoming event will take place on 29th November in Atlanta so if you would like to see and listen to Annie’s ideas live, do not hesitate and buy a ticket ASAP.