Astro Elroy: A Future Way Of Commuting

All of you have definitely heard off many ways of how the commuting will work in the near future. There have been many theories for over a hundred years now, but only a few of them really came to life. Let us give you an answer to how the future really sees the commute.

Imagine yourself in a traffic jam. Not hard at all, right? Now, imagine yourself rising above traffic and flying directly to where you need to be faster, without waiting until out of the traffic jam. With Astro Elroy, a drone that is made to transport people from A to B, it’s going to be real.

Astro says that the Astro Elroy is a state-of-the-art product designed to get you to where you need to go faster, safer and your trip will be more enjoyable. With Astro’s drone, you could commute more easily, more eco-friendly and without any stress.

Stable and smooth flight, compact size and never-before-seen 360° surround view are all just a few out of many things Elroy offers.

Not only these drones look great, but they are also fast. With a maximum speed of 70km/h and a flight time long from 20 to 25 minutes you could travel anywhere in no time.

You know what’s also great? Believe it or not, this drone is small enough to fit in most garage spaces. Wouldn’t it feel great to leave a garage with a drone instead of a car?

If you want one of these drones for yourself, you don’t need to wait. Instead, you can reserve one right now! Check out Astro’s website to find out all you need.