Wildlife and Fashion Photographer Kristian Schmidt Joined a Panel of Judges For the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival

The prominent photographer Kristian Schmidt who in his works combines his two utmost beloved passions, passion for nature and wildlife, as well as a passion for fashion and creative design, took up a judging role during the past Bokeh Fashion Film Festival.

The Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival is a renewed festival of fashion film that annually takes place in South Africa. Twice per year, the festival brings together creatives in the Film, Fashion, Artistic and related technology industries to celebrate their craft.

Kristian was during the festival’s September running honoured to become a judge on a panel with numerous other affluent videographers and photographers from the industry.

Being an American photographer born and raised in New York, it was quite of a brave move for Kristian to move to Tokyo and abandon the homeland at an extremely young age. Nevertheless, Kristian has nothing to regret today, since his decision to move across the globe kicked-off his career and landed him a position behind the camera at Fuji Television.

Among other, Kristian can today thank his experience abroad for enabling him to learn to speak multiple languages including English, Japanese, Swedish and French as well as to form strong connections and partnerships abroad. Upon his return to the US in the early 2000s, Kristian together with his Swedish partners established a film production company named Kamisol Productions that has already won two Swedish Grammy awards for its video productions.

Kristian is well-known for being an expert in fashion photography, however, one of his greatest passions is to photograph nature and capture wildlife at its most organic state. Therefore, Kristian travels around the world and combines the beauties of fashion with the beauties of wildlife and creates sort of a blend between the two worlds.

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His strong adoration for nature sparked his charitable and humanitarian efforts to preserve the wildlife and stop the animal slaughter. Kristian has for years now closely collaborated with the WilAid non-governmental organization that aims to fight for the protection of endangered species.

Due to being extremely persistent in this matter, Kristian in September 2013 organized a campaign for the fight to protect rhinos that featured prominent A-listers such as former football player David Beckham, NBA basketball player Yao Ming and Prince William of England. Ever since then, all three David, Yao and Prince William have been together with Kristian engaging in numerous other campaigns supporting the wildlife protection cause.

Kristian has over the years rightfully earned the title of a wildlife protection activists not only by promoting the beauties of nature and wildlife through his photography but also by engaging in support and creation of funds to support the wildlife preservation.

Hopefully, we will be soon able to witness more of his charity collaborations as well as his photography artwork.