The Life Pocket: A Must-Have For Skiers And Snowboarders

The winter is here and as you all already know, the winter sports are a big part of it as well. If you enjoy the cold weather you are one of the ski-snowboard loving people who go to the mountain slopes often. Just like technology and sports,  its gear must evolve too. There are literally millions of next-gen computers, headphones, fridgerators or even cars, but not a lot of people know about next-genaration sports gear.

Yes, that’s right, technological progress does involve sports too!

Helly Hansen, an innovative brand which offers high-quality clothes and winter gear has designed and introduced a brand new product called “The Life Pocket”. This innovative product is all about saving a life. To be exact, it’s made to keep your mobile phone alive, so you can call help if an emergency.

How does it work, you ask? Let me explain. It looks just like any other pocket on any other jacket, but it has something what other pockets don”t have. These pockets use NASA technology. In more complicated words it means that the pockets have thermoregulated temperature, meaning that the phone’s battery is radically extended. When compared to a basic cold pocket, the Life Pocket can save your life.

We really recommend you to not going to the mountains unprepared, because of the danger that come with it. Get one for yourself, it will add to your joyful experience.