El Celler De Can Roca: Restaurant In Which Joan Roca, The World’s Best Chef Will Cook For You!

There are too many restaurants in the world, but only a small number of them are considered to be exceptional. We are going to introduce you to one restaurant that is a lot more than exceptional.

El Celler de Can Roca – a restaurant in Spain’s Girona which was first opened in 1986 by Roca brothers, one of them, Joan Roca, being the world’s best chef.

The world’s known Roca brothers. Joan Roca, the world’s best chef is in the middle.

This restaurant was and still is greatly reviewed by either the guests or critics, and it has even got three Michelin stars. In case you don’t know, a description for three Michelin stars is “une des meilleures tables, vaut le voyage”, in English “an exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.

The restaurant features 45 seats and an astonishing wine cellar containing 60,000 bottles of wine.

Of course, a kitchen full of soon-to-be great food is a must-be in such a special place.

The chef is the one and only Joan Roca who has had a title of the world’s best chef for quite a long time and this year, he got the title again! Out of 300 world’s best chefs, the critics and people chose him. Congratulations on such an achievement.

He deserved to be the best. Many years ago when Joan became El Celler de Can Roca’s chef, he learned new things and experimented in the kitchen every single day. By every, I literally mean every and each day. That means, he came up with new ways of cooking which became world’s known. For example, if you have ever heard about a way of cooking that involves heating ingredients at low temperatures in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, you now know that Joan was the one who came up with it.

Every good chef must know the food and the ingredients and Joan knows them even more than he knows himself. According to what he said, he tried every ingredient there is in the world. Joan said: “I’ve tried everything, though there are some things that I might not use or try again“.

In Joan’s words, “When it comes to mastering the fundamentals, the key to becoming the best chef is, patience”.

If there is a restaurant that stands out and that is exceptional in every possible way, it’s this one. We recommend you to visit it and you will never forget the experience.

Buen Provecho!