Meet Irina Dedyuk: Passionate and Career-Driven Entertainer Who Is Taking the Overseas by Storm

Singer and model Irina Dedyuk is the next rising shine of the entertainment industry. If you have not heard of Irina yet, beware that this passionate and career-driven female is the new hit overseas. Irina has already performed and travelled all around the globe and she is one of the most successful Los Angeles based singers with Russian origin.

Not only does Irina occupy a full-time singing profession but on top of that, she also collaborates on numerous other projects within the entertainment industry, namely the MISS USSR franchise. Irina is simply a woman of many talents and that is why her life and career success is truly an inspiration.

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I ve found out that it is really hard to surprise me. Life is teaching u lessons and finally your vision of life becomes so endless, that you clearly can see how the situation goes without asking 'why'. You already know the reasons. You accept it, cause everybody has a right to make choices without asking your permission. And you do too. Постепенно понимаешь, что уже так сложно тебя чем то удивить. По мере накопления жизненного опыта, твоя картина мира настолько расширяется, что ты изначально видишь как будет развиваться та или иная ситуация в жизни, уже не спрашивая 'почему так' или 'зачем'. Ты уже знаешь все причины. И принимаешь это, потому что у каждого есть право поступать так как он хочет. И это работает и в обратную сторону. Photo by @vetrova_k Make up @jeni_zinovieva Hair @kudribrovi_ekb #ladi

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Q: There is no doubt that you are an incredibly talented singer and it is very clear that signing is your true passion. What made you decide to take the step towards a professional singing career? 

I started singing at age 3. My Mom put me in a Jazz choir, where I performed as a soloist on stage in front of hundreds of people. So being on stage became a habit for me. I never had a stage fright, I always had that crave for adrenaline. Throughout the years I learned how to transform it into the energy that helps you perform more impactfully.

I always say “If you can live without singing, then consider something else as your career, cause it is a very competitive and hard field”. So the reason for me to choose a singing career was that I simple could not imagine myself without being on stage and share my experience and my vision of life with the audience.

Q: What would you say are at this moment some of the more difficult aspects of a singing career? 

I think the most difficult is to follow your dream no matter what. To stick with your mission and never back up even if you get very tempting offers that promise you money and fame for something else. Like a legendary band “Queen” – they believed in success of “Bohemian Rhapsody” despite all critics’ reviews. Yes you can earn more money right away, but I really feel that the mission of a true artist is not counting dollars but making an outstanding piece of art.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes very difficult, because you still have to pay bills and support your career. Some singers get tired and switch to another job. You need to have a very strong personality and a thick skin to be an artist, and to have a singing passion in your DNA. Then, with a mixture of determination and hard work everything is possible.

Q: The entertainment industry can oftentimes get highly competitive and therefore can put a lot of pressure on performers. What do you usually do in such instances? 

Always remember your mission and what you want to say to the audience. If there is nothing to say – better choose another profession. People can feel if you fake something or lie. If you come on stage with a knowledge how to share your emotions with your audience, create a dialogue with them and change their emotional condition – there is no competition.

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Performing and hosting Miss Russian San Francisco 2018👑 What an amazing and beautiful event! Thank you so much @julia_titova_missussr for recommending me, @karinazakharov for this incredible opportunity and for your and your husband’s warmest welcome! You did a great job organising this great event! I had a blast sharing the stage with such talented artists @chebeliuk and beautiful girls💓and, of course, such a cool engaging audience! I am really happy that we spent that evening together, full of emotions, beauty and inspiration💖 Отвыступала и отвела прекраснейшее Мероприятие – Мисс Сан Франциско 2018. Спасибо огромное Юле Титовой за рекомендацию, Карине Захаровой за доверие и такую замечательную возможность быть ведущей и артистом на таком потрясающем конкурсе, а также вам с мужем за гостеприимство! Карина, ты такая молодец! Я чувствую себя самой счастливой, выступая на одной сцене с супер талантливыми артистами, красивыми девушками, а публика… вы просто огонь! Мы правда безумно Круто провели вместе этот красивейший вечер в красивейшем историческом месте @fairmontsanfrancisco 👑🙏🏼 #miss #sanfrancisco #irinadedyuk #host #singer #singinghostla #singinghostnyc #beautypageant #contest #beauty #girls #queens

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Q: You have performed on numerous prime-time TV programs including the X Factor UK. Why did you decide to apply for this competition? What were some of the largest obstacles you had to overcome during your time on X Factor? Would you change anything about your experience? 

That was an incredible experience. I have never believed I can participate in one of the most popular shows in the world. I was studying vocal studies at the institute in London and one day X Factor scouting agents came to find talents for the show. I came to the audition just for fun, I wanted to have a casting experience on a major foreign TV show. Surprisingly I passed all stages. I was the only one from my college who did that and became the first Russian singer who ever participated in the original X Factor.

I remember one very interesting thing that happened to me when I faced Six Chair Challenge (the third round of the competition). All contestants had to learn the song in a few hours and then perform it at Arena Wembley. I memorized all the lyrics and the song structure, but during my performance in front of judges and the audience of thousands people, I realized that someone put another version of the song with different song structure and a higher key. I started improvising and tried to perform it the best way I could. Nobody noticed the mistake. For me it was my professional victory and a huge lesson – even if something goes wrong – never make your audience feel that. I am very grateful for that experience and would never change anything.

Q: Your career is already very well established with more than 15 years of stage experience. What would you say were some of your greatest professional achievements so far? 

I think the best achievement for a singer is writing a good song. I believe I did a few already, cannot wait to share them with people and really hope that they feel what I felt when I was working on them.

Q: On that note, you have recently returned from Monaco where you performed in front of a massive audience at the Miss USSR event. Could you maybe tell us a little bit more about what the performance entailed for you? Starting from the preparations to the actual performing? 

MISS USSR Monaco was a great achievement for me as well. Not only because I was performing with Tim Ivanov, a famous drummer and music producer, on the same stage with other major celebrities like David Guetta, DJ Snake and Calvin Harris, but because I was a Creative Producer of the project. I am very grateful that the Founder and CEO of MISS USSR, Julia Titova, gave me the opportunity to produce the whole show. It was a huge responsibility but with her support and help everything was possible. She is truly a superwoman that inspired everyone in our team. Just imagine, last year her and me came to Monaco just to do a short singing performance during the MICS Convention.

This year Julia made a Final Show in front of thousand people. Hundreds of them flew all the way from London and Russia just to see the show. With the Miss USSR team of more then 30 people and 12 contestants from former Soviet Union countries we did first ever MISS USSR MONACO beauty pageant on the amazing Grimaldi Forum Stage. We made a whole show from the scratch. I think this is a simple proof that all hard work pays off and everything is possible. You just have to know exactly what you want, follow your plan and never give up.

Q: Great success comes together only with tons of hard work and strong work ethics. What are some of your go-to rules when it comes to managing a professional life? 

Exactly. I have recently stopped drinking alcohol. When I went completely sober I noticed that I became a lot more productive. Sticking with a healthy lifestyle is mandatory if you plan to make it big in your life. Secondly, it is very necessary  to surround yourself with like minded people. It is amazing how the universe conspires to make everything happened when you just follow your heart and live your own life without thinking of other people’s opinion.

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10 flights in 3 weeks ✈️✈️✈️Los Angeles-Moscow-Ekaterinburg-Moscow-Minsk-Nice-Paris-Miami-Los Angeles🙈Two times I almost missed my flight. Once in Moscow just because spending time with my friends it was so much fun, that I was late for the train to the airport, another time in Paris, because my iPhone was showing me the wrong flight schedule and I arrived to the airport when check in was closed. Luckily, easyJet has this amazing rules that you can pay for your luggage just before boarding the plane, so I was running through all airport wearing my hat, hills and huge bag, like truly natural woman💃🏼So the only question is.. Am I the only one who is always late in the airports?🙄 10 перелетов за 3 недели✈️ Лос-Анджелес-Москва-Екатеринбург-Москва-Минск-Ницца-Париж-Лос Анджелес-Майами-Лос Анджелес🙈причём 2 раза я чуть не опоздала на свой самолет. Один раз в Москве, потому что я как обычно заболталась с друзьями в @apartment.905 а второй раз уже Париже, потому что айфон несколько недель показывал время вылета на час позже, и я совершенно спокойно прибыла в аэропорт к окончанию регистрации. Слава богу в авиакомпании есть такое правило, что можно заплатить и сдать багаж прямо на входе в сам самолет. Вот я, этакая дама (ну я же в Париж лечу) на каблуках, в шляпе, и с чемоданищем бежала по всему аэропорту с целью успеть на самолёт, иначе я бы не успела на рейс в США, и как следствие на карибский круиз. Успела;) одним приключением стало больше🙃 вот у меня вопрос – одна ли я такая? Кто постоянно опаздывает в аэропорт не важно по какой причине? Были ли у вас какие то приключения по этому поводу?) А макияж конечно выполнен неподражаемой @jeni_zinovieva кстати выдерживает нe один перелёт 👌🏻❤️ #flights #airport #plane #model #singer #tour #gigs #artist #makeup

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Q: You originally come from Russia but have previously lived in London for a few years and you currently reside in Los Angeles. Would you say LA is your final destination? Or would you perhaps like to move somewhere else in the future? 

I have already moved 5 times in my life. Moving again doesn’t scare me at all. But being a singer means being a World Citizen. You never know what life can bring you tomorrow and it is one of the greatest things about my profession. Los Angeles has tons of opportunities for any creative person and I am planning to enjoy all of them for some time for sure. 🙂

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I never consider myself as a heavy drinker. But recently I have changed my mind completely and don’t drink any alcohol at all. And I must say it is getting even more interesting than I thought. First, there are no more illusions about people, situations and your expectations about almost everything or even about yourself. Second, tons of energy. Third, you start thinking about changing the whole lifestyle now, cause your social life doesn’t revolve around alcohol anymore. And it is just my main points. Who can relate? Не так давно я совсем исключила алкоголь из своей жизни. Теперь даже пол бокала не пью ни за ужинами, ни по каким другим случаям. Для этого не было никакой определенной причины или мотивации. Просто захотелось попробовать. И интересно, как, казалось бы, отказ от такой незначительной привычки может повлиять на жизнь во многих аспектах. Во-первых, конечно, само ощущение окружающей действительности. Больше нет иллюзий ни по поводу людей, ни событий, ни даже самой себя. Второе, появляется куча энергии. Третье, приходится думать об изменении стиля жизни в принципе, так как посиделки за бутылкой вина больше не привлекают совершенно😅 Начинаешь открывать какую-то новую себя, причём настоящую. У кого-то были похожие ощущения или опыт? Photo by @pushkarskiy_dp

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When all your plans change to something else.. it’s meant to be. Instead of 4 days I had 10, very productive days in LA. I am really amazed how universe works and very grateful for my friends and all people in my life. Now back in NYC for some work. See you soon, LA🌴🌴🌴 🙌🏼. Это же как удивительно все складывается 😉 я планировала совершенно другой график, но вселенная решила по-другому. И я думаю не случайно совсем я провела вместо 4х дней в ЛА все 10 в итоге. Мы снимали, писали песни, и вообще столько крутых знакомств и планов, что уже почти на полгода вперёд все расписано 😀 вообщем это я к чему, если что то в жизни не складывается или складывается по-другому, главное расслабиться и кайфовать от того что приносит данный момент. Оно все не случайно, как бы банально это не звучало. Я пока сменила лето на зиму в Нью Йорке, но ненадолго ;)) я начала наконец то по-настоящему влюбляться в Лос Анджелес. И обязательно скоро вернусь 💖

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Q: Despite always being extremely open about what is going on in your personal life on social media, could you maybe reveal one thing about yourself that our readers would not expect about you? 

I am afraid of birds, never had sex without a relationship and still waiting for a romantic proposal. I am a very strong girl but I am very romantic. I like surprising my loved ones and I really appreciate when someone does something special for me. Although I have a very active social life because of my work, I am very ‘boring’ person when I have my days off. I like going to the beach, watching movies, meeting close friends.

Q: What are some of your upcoming plans whether linked to your professional career or personal life?

Next year will be very active and full of incredible projects. We are planning a USA Tour for Live Drum Vocal show with Tim Ivanov, releasing original songs, music videos and of course, Miss USSR UK Final Show in London. I am going to change my artistic image a little bit and maybe for some people it might be quite shocking. Anyway, I am very exited for all upcoming things and cannot wait to share it with you!