Rolls-Royce Demonstrated The World’s First Fully Autonomous Ferry With The Help Of Finferries!

Rolls-Royce. Every time someone mentions these two words, the first thing that comes to your mind is the fact that they are producing beautiful, exclusive and luxurious cars which are not owned by everyone. Rolls-Royce is not working just on cars, but also on many projects regarding the planes or boats.

Rolls-Royce is mostly known for the cars they produce. After all, their cars are considered to be on the list of the most exclusive cars ever made.

Only a few days ago, they have tested the world’s first fully autonomous ferry in a partnership with Finnish ferry operator Finferries. How did it work out? Just how they expected!

They have done the demonstration in the city of Turku in Finland. With the Rolls-Royce and Finferries. 80 VIP guests  were invited to witness the technology moving forward.

The ferry called “Falco” used Rolls-Royce’s brand new technology that made it possible for the ferry to successfully navigate without the help of any human.

It was able to detect any objects in the water and in front of itself to avoid a collision. The ferry also had installed a recently developed autonomous navigation system that helped the ferry to make it to the “finish line”.

This is a very proud moment for all of us and marks our most significant milestone so far. Today’s demonstration proves that the autonomous ship is not just a concept, but something that will transform shipping as we know it,” Mikael Makinen, Rolls-Royce’s President – Commercial Marine said after the experience.

It’s thanks to companies like these that the technology is not stopping and we can’t thank them enough for all their hard work. Congratulations to Rolls-Royce and Finferries for this astonishing moment! We are already looking forward to their next innovation.