Monte-Carlo Polo Club: An Exclusive, Breath-Taking And Important Part Of Monaco’s Lifestyle!

“The Sport of Kings and the King of sports” – Polo is a unique sport that has been out there for quite some time. Today, the sport has got millions of fans on every corner of the world.  Actually, if you did not know, Polo  used to be an Olympic game at one point in the past. More than 100 countries are an important part – members of the Federation of International Polo.

We would love to introduce you to a very exclusive polo club in Monaco that is a bit different than any other polo club in the world.

Monte-Carlo Polo Club was founded in 2012 by Francesco Mitrano. It is in club’s own words, the first club dedicated to sports in the Principality. With a strong fan base and support from exclusive third-party partners, Monaco’s Polo Club is considered to be one of the most interesting  one.

Francesco Mitrano, an Italian businessman, the founder, and president of Monaco Polo Federation had a vision of starting something that Monaco has never seen before and it worked out great! After the birth of Monte-Carlo Polo Club, he didn’t stop but went even further. That’s when Monte-Carlo Polo Cup, an annual international tournament was born.

Francesco Mitrano

The whole idea behind the Monte-Carlo Polo Club and Cup isn’t only about the sport itself. The breath-taking experience of being there, at the event is really something spectacular. What is really amazing is that Francesco Mitrano and his team not only focus on the sport aspect but also making sure their “wow-factor” events are fun full of exciting activities.

Thanks to them, events like Monte-Carlo Polo Cup are full of elite guests from businessmen, sponsors, professional athletes, celebrities, socialites to high-class people –  royal Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

If you haven’t watched a polo before, we suggest you do so. Also, check out Monte-Carlo Polo Club’s website to get to know them even better!