Art Basel In Florida’s Miami Has Ended! What Was It Like And How Did It Look?

Just like last year, even this year the Miami Beach hosted one of the biggest and most successful art events there ever was – Art Basel. If you’re not familiar with this event which is visited by thousands of people annualy, you are making a mistake. But do not worry, we will share with you all the info there is to know!

Art Basel is an event that takes place once a year in Florida’s Miami and while it’s happening, Miami Beach is full of tourists and art lovers who want to see the event with their own eyes. This whole thing is not happening for only one day or a weekend, but for whole 5 days. This year, from 5th until 8th of December, you could have been a part of an unforgettable experience right in Florida’s heart.

The first day was the so-called “private day” and the day after that, in the afternoon, a vernissage happened. The doors opened for public and the whole Miami Beach Convention Center in which Art Basel happened began to astound all the visitors present.

The event provided its guests with not only one type of art, but many different sectors people could stroll through. The first one was called “Galleries”, where the world’s leading art galleries displayed their artworks.

“Nova”, the second sector held artworks from artists. But these artworks were not like any others, because these were “straight from the artist’s studios”, so no one has seen them before.

The third sector called “Positions” showed works by many talents, who are not known by the whole world… yet.

Sector called “Edition” offered the visitors a chance to see rare and original publications made by leading publishers.

Galleries from the whole world could have picked one artist to show his artworks in a curated exhibition called “Kabinett” and in a sector “Survey” the artists showed off their artistic approach and style in solo presentations, juxtapositions and thematic exhibits.

The last sector, “Magazines” held a lot of the world’s known magazines from North America to Europe, Africa, and Asia. These magazines are if you didn’t know, art publications as well.

This year’s Art Basel was not only about showing off what art is about, but also about discussions. During the event, visitors could have listened to not one, not two, but many conversations on topics concerning the art scene in the whole world.

It has been a great experience for all the visitors, but also artists to attend at such a successful event as Art Basel is. If you’ve missed it this year, make sure to visit next year!