Meet Yaksha: Founder Of World’s Known Record Label F*CK THEM

The worldwide known record label F*CK THEM has literally come from nothing to something. After not an easy journey, the label is widely known in Europe and in America and the popularity grows more and more every single day. Today, we have prepared an exclusive interview with the founder of F*CK THEM known as Yaksha.

Q: I would start with an easy question. How are you doing lately? What’s new regarding your career?

I’m fine. Right now during December, there is more work than at any other time during the year. We’ve got a lot of releases, the last drop of new merch was announced lately and there are tours of our artists, so this December there’s a lot to be done.

Q: You’ve mentioned the last drop of merch. People following you on Instagram already know that there’s going to be a pause when it comes to merch. Could you tell us what made you make this decision and why did you make it?

One of the largest producers of merch in the Czech Republic and Slovakia whose work is known worldwide and who is also a distributor of our merch told me that F*CK THEM is one of the best selling merchandise in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Of course, it’s something that pleases me, but I have never wanted it to be “a cool brand”. It’s really nice to see people wearing our merch, but primarily, we want to hear the music in the streets. That was the reason why I stopped it for some time.

For the last year, F*CK THEM has got the biggest pull-up – it is considered the best selling merchandise in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and in America also, it is getting more and more fame. The fact that F*CK THEM has got such a popularity means there are people who like and follow us only because their friends do and because it became a trend. I think a lot of people will stop buying our merch after the 6 months long pause. By “a lot of people” I mean those, who are not as much dedicated to our brand as others are and those, who want to be cool. We will see in 6 months, but I’m sure that the true fans will stay.

Q: How do you perceive the F*CK THEM merch?

We have existed for 2 years before this year’s pull-up and hype of our brand. During those 2 years there was no merchandise to buy, because primarily F*CK THEM is a record label. Merchandise should serve to give our fans an opportunity to support our work and to show the public that they stand behind F*CK THEM. That’s why we made it. From the beginning, our merchandise was made for the fans and the proof of that is the fact that our merch is high-quality. Before we even had our first merch, the biggest problem was that some people had a homemade custom merch. It was nice, but on the other hand, I would rather be in control of merch. Another reason was that I wanted to show our attitude and what does F*CK THEM stands for. It’s not a pose to show that we don’t care about anything. It’s easy to not care when you’re at the start of your career without any support.

Q: When you look back to the beginning times of F*CK THEM and to what you have achieved already with your team, how would you describe your journey?

I would say that we knew this would happen. From the beginning, we were convinced about what we’re doing. F*CK THEM doesn’t mean “middle finger up” to us. It means that we believe in what we’re doing and in the progress it self. We knew that we would only rise and that’s exactly what happened. Our plan from the beginning was to be worldwide. Nothing happened by coincidence, everything is as we planned. Of course, we were pleased and surprised that we made it that far, but that was our goal all along.

Q: How was F*CK THEM created and what made you choose such a name for it?

The idea of F*CK THEM was not mine. Samey, Zayo and Dalyb from Haha Crew were the ones who came up with it. It was when they had their first merchandise, on which they used these words. Since then, they have not used it so I was the one who found a purpose for it. At first, I used it as a title for my first events and later, after it was known around the people, me and guys from Haha Crew made a deal that I would create a record label F*CK THEM and they would be part of that label, as artists.

Yaksha (in the middle) with members of Haha Crew Zayo (on left) and Samey (on right).

Q: What is the current goal of F*CK THEM?

To continue in what we achieved and to make it even better. Right now, I started to collaborate with Universal Music within Czechoslovakia. That is a huge success because, in Slovakia, no one ever collaborated with something as big as Universal Music is. Other than that, I’m planning to expand activity within American artists – I’m currently in talks with Def Jam about the partnership. I would say there are a lot of plans.

Q: What do you at the moment enjoy the most in your career?

Well, it’s a great feeling to have grime legends from the UK come to my studio to record a track with my artists. The same great feeling occurs when Tekashi comes to the studio to do the same thing. But right now, Khans, the newest members of F*CK THEM are the ones who make me really glad.

Q: Some time ago, you have posted on Twitter that you are going to make a festival in 2019. Can you tell us more about it?

It’s something we’ve been working on for 2 months already. I can tell you that in Summer 2019, there will be 2 huge events – one in Slovakia, another one in the Czech Republic. We are organizing it with another popular brand. That means, we are in it together and we are going to make a big new wave event. We are still thinking if it’s going to be a festival, but the idea of an event is something we like more.

Q: If you could have any artist in your label, who would it be and why?

I don’t know if I would want someone popular because with more popularity more trouble comes. I would probably choose someone, who’s not there yet and who’s not famous.

We would love to thank Yaksha for all the answers! If you would like to know more about him and his lifestyle, be sure to follow his Instagram or the Instagram of F*CK THEM .