Top Magical Christmas Destinations worth visiting once in your life!

The Christmas is only a few days away and everyone is starting to feel the Christmas vibe. A period when everybody is with their families and when children are excited about the presents they will get. It’s also a great time to visit destinations where Christmas become more than family time. In such places, unforgettable and magical experiences happen.

Here is a list of top magical destinations that will make you want to visit.

Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

Located in the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is a great Christmas travel destination for every kind of person. Many people are lured to this island exactly during the Christmas not only because of the island’s name but mainly because of what it offers at that time. For example, an annual red crab migration during which tens of millions of crabs are to be spotted is something you definitely should see.

Ipanema Beach in Rio, Brazil

If you are tired of snow and cold and windy weather, Ipanema Beach is exactly what you need during Christmas. If you would have no idea of what season it is, you would think it’s a Summer because of the sun and tanned bodies.

New York, USA

New York is definitely considered as one of the most beautiful destinations to visit during winter. Christmas trees and lights are something you can see on every corner. New York’s pop-up holiday markets are something every person should experience at least once in life.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Just like the Ipanema Beach in Brazil, Bondi Beach is a paradise for those from colder climes. A Christmas day on Bondi Beach is full of parties, DJs, great food and entertainment you will never forget. If you’re the family type of person, do not worry. You can enjoy the alcohol-free and astonishing beach close by.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong being a favorite destination for tourists and travelers, it must have a great Christmas entertainment as well, right? Exactly! Glittering lights decorating the whole city and creating a great atmosphere are a great match with all the great food and parties.

Aspen in Colorado, USA

Colorado’s Aspen is a place that feels like from a fairy tale. Magical mountains, cities full of snow, shops and Christmas lights. The feeling of being at a peaceful  destination is very unique. For someone an anual Christmas must go place within the USA.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is every year considered the best Christmas market destination in Europe! When transformed into a Christmas vibe, the city of Bruges is a synonym of a wonderland.

Salzburg, Austria

Another Europe’s loved destination to visit during Christmas is Salzburg, a city in Austria. Since the end of November, Salzburg changes into a favorite Advent market city full of great food, shops, and decorations.

Lapland, Finland

A magical Lapland also known as the Santa Claus’ village is indeed a great destination during Christmas. Imagine crossing the Arctic Circle or meeting eye to eye with Santa Claus – that all is possible in Finland’s Lapland.

It’s impossible to choose the best destination out of all of these because all of them are magical and beautiful. In case you are going to travel during Christmas, we would like to wish you a great time wherever you’ll be!