Kylie Jenner Got A New Gift From Her “Hubby” Travis Scott! A Custom Rolls-Royce Wraith Is A Great Addition To Her Collection

One of the most known celebrities in today’s world, Kylie Jenner, has got a new toy to play with during her free time! Only a few days ago, a new car arrived at her doorstep expanding the collection of her luxury cars. It was not “just a basic” car though… The custom Rolls-Royce Wraith which was given to her as a gift from her “hubby” Travis Scott, is really something!

With a pale blue shade and custom additions to the car, this Rolls-Royce is a must have in her collection.

The exterior is beautiful,just as the interior.  Like on the outside, a pale blue shade is on the inside as well and it looks great with a crystal sparkling ceiling!

The custom Wraith also features Kylie’s first and last name engraved beneath the Rolls-Royce logo in the doorway. That’s something really special!

What a great way to end this prosperous year for Kylie, right?

She has also been featured in a lately released Forbes’ List of America’s Wealthiest Celebrities of 2018. She made it to the fifth spot and according to Forbes, her net worth is $900 million, which is really close to a billion. She will become one of a few self-made young billionaires. Congratulations to her!