Paulo Dybala and Paul Pogba again together as teammates? It may happen in future

Paulo Dybala is a successful and great football player, there’s no doubt about that. Winning the league title, the Coppa Italia, and the Supercoppa Italiana during his first season with Juventus is something to be happy about. But that’s not all. He’s still playing very well and working hard to be an even better player than he is right now.

During his career in Juventus he has found a good friend and even better teammate Paul Pogba with who he has won a lot of games, but last season Pogba has been transferred to the Manchester United and that was a tough hit for Dybala, he said.

In his own words, he can’t promise that he will stay in Juventus forever, but also doesn’t want to say that it’s his last season with Juve.

Dybala’s performances on the pitch have triggered a lot of interest from many clubs, including Manchester United in which Pogba is currently playing.

I would love to see those two as teammates again. The choice of what he’s going to do is only up to him and we believe that he’ll make the right decision.