Elon Musk The Greatest Innovator Unveiled His First Tunnel To Solve The Traffic Problems

Elon Musk is the greatest living innovator. The CEO of two huge companies, Tesla and SpaceX, has changed how the future will look. Electric cars, ways to solve the traffic problems or many other projects regarding space – all of this came with Elon Musk and his innovative and opened mind.

This time, he came up with a tunnel that should help everyone by decreasing the intensity of traffic jams. When first announced, the tunnel was considered a joke, but today, he proved us all that even a joke can become a real thing. Musk’s first tunnel was built in the middle of Los Angeles by The Boring Company.

During the public test rides that happened lately, everything went without any problem. For test rides, they have used Model X and according to the journalist who had a privilege to take a ride in it, it was a bumpy ride with a speed of approximately 35 miles per hour.

Musk Tweeted that any vehicles used in the Loop system need to have a retractable wheel gear installed that turns the car into a rail-guided train and back again. The wheel gear can be applied to any autonomous and electric vehicle, not just Tesla EVs, he wrote. Once fully operational, the system is “capable of traveling safely at over 150mph. At that speed, it will feel like teleporting within a city,” he said, and that, “All Boring Loops will include continuously circulating cars dedicated to pedestrians & cyclists.”

We’re obviously at the early stages here. This is a prototype. We’re figuring things out. I think there is a path to alleviating traffic congestion in cities,” Musk told CNN during the tests of the tunnel.

The 1.14 miles long tunnel is only the beginning as The Boring Company and Elon Musk are planning to expand and find a way of making an everyday commute better.

The proof-of-concept test could actually make a difference in life aboveground. The boring company has also started planning for tunnels in Chicago (downtown to O’Hare airport) and from Washington to Baltimore.

It sure is a great innovation that will definitely become real in the near future almost everywhere.