Meet Elisa De Panicis Agnelli: Beautiful and Passionate Italian Model Whose Star Got Discovered on Prime Reality Tv Show

Elisa De Panicis Agnelli is definitely not an entertainment industry rookie. Since an early age, she has appeared on numerous prime-time Tv shows that kicked off her reality Tv as well as entertainment industry career. However, Elisa is not only a reality Tv starlet but a woman of many more talents.

Apart from dancing, she is also a successful and well-known singer who even got signed by the prestigeous Sony Music Entertainment Inc. Her natural Italian beauty appealed to many modelling agencies and that is why Elisa became a successful international model with campaigns and photoshoots rolling her way.

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Elegant is a physical quality

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Q: Modelling profession is by many being overlooked and underrated, however, it is an incredibly challenging occupation both mentally and physically. Why did you decide for this specific career? What or who inspired you to become a model?

I have started my career when I was 18 years old by being featured on my first Tv show, and I instantly fell in love with the entertainment industry. However, my dream and passion in that period was to dance, so I began dancing with my favourite group of dancers and I was selected to join Pacha Group with whom I performed and travelled all around the world.

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Poder a la mujer . Actitud

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Q: You have managed to travel all around the world, shooting numerous campaigns as well as being featured in a variety of magazines. What has been your greatest professional success so far?

Performing for Pacha Group was an amazing experience but afterwards thanks to an opportunity that was given to me by an industry talent seeker I returned to my old reality Tv career and I was casted to do to the Survivor Tv show. It was incredibly surprising since I have loved and religiously watched the Tv show from before. It was actually the most life-changing experience and opportunity I have ever tried. Together with other competitors, we spent 55 days on one isolated island however despite engaging with other people you only had to think about yourself, winning and for the most part surviving.

After that, I still did some Tv shows and reality Tv but nothing could ever compare to the Survivor experience. Thanks to appearing on the show, I have managed to sign a contract with Sony Music Spain and begun to work on my other passion, music.

Q: What are some of your goals whether in professional or personal life and have you managed to already achieve some of them? 

In reality, I am still working on my goals however now I am more focused on my modelling ad entrepreneurial career goals. I aspire to build my own business, definitely grow my new collection. Nevertheless, from time to time I still dip into some Tv opportunities since my fans who I really love to connect with want to see more of my private side.

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Red Carpet Venice

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Q: Apart from modelling you are known for being a prominent Instagram influencer. In what way would you say social media change the game for public figures like yourself?

Social media is, in my opinion, more direct and spontaneous and even sometimes less fake, because is it is you who is directly engaging with your fans, at least in my case. Sometimes when it comes to Tv appearances, the footage can be edited in a way that does not really show your true self. That is why I enjoy having the social media platform of interacting with my fans in order to show who I really am.

Q: Thanks to how open Instagram is, there must be a lot of competition when it comes to the number of followers, likes and shares. From a business perspective, how do the numbers affect you personally?

Actually social media has a huge impact, you can see how the online community changes every day. It can oftentimes also impact the politics of the country and also tourism. When you have your own Instagram page, the number of people that follow you is like a subliminal message that shows how much of an influence you have. Since I am really hardworking I do not take it for granted and I try to progress as much as possible and for that, I am really proud of myself. I always try to be in the ‘best moment’, in the best company and seek the best opportunities. A great example is my latest collection that I created with my best effort together with the best possible people.

Q: Likewise, the competition aspect can oftentimes put a lot of pressure to look and act picture perfect at all times. How do you usually deal with such pressure?

When the pressure of social life hits I usually try to do some yoga and my focus my mind on something relaxing like for example visiting the beach, gym or an art museum. These are my three fundamental go-tos when I need some alone and relaxing time.

I am also really passionate about good musing so listening to some of my favourite tunes also helps me to release the stress and pressure.

Q: It is quite of a cliche question but how do you manage to juggle work-life balance?

Thanks to Instagram and its flexibility I get to still travel all around the world. I also try to push the boundaries and just add up as much work as possible so it is not really about completely separating personal and professional life.

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Maya piramid 🎞Chichen itza

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Q: Are there maybe some current or future projects you are working on and would like to share more about with our readers?

I simply just really love what I do and for the future, I would like to work more on my social media platforms to interact with my fans since only there I can be my own boss and choose the pictures I want to post or partnerships I want to promote as well as to visit and write about places and venues I like to see.

To get to know more about Elisa check out her Instagram page where she regularly updates her fans about her personal life as well as career. Also, stay tuned for the reveal of her first exclusive collection.