Neutrogena Introduces the First-Ever Personalized 3D Printed Masks

The upcoming week in Las Vegas will be certainly eventful. The annual Consumer Electronics Showcase where prominent businesses debut their latest innovations and technologies is taking place throughout the whole week in the entertainment capital of the world.

Similarly, the brand Neutrogena owned by the Johnson & Johnson medical and pharmaceutical company will be introducing its latest invention, Neutrogena MaskiD first-ever personalized 3D printed mask.

The mask will be based on a patent-pending 3D-printed sheet technology powered by user data. The personalization will be implemented in three separate features. Firstly, the shape of the mask will be tailored specifically to the client’s face thanks to the smartphone connectivity where 3D scanning of the face via camera will enable the perfect possible fit.

Secondly, the data retrieved from the Neutrogena Skin 360 system which is a skincare lense that scans facial complexion, will be fed into the formulation. Thirdly, the ingredients of the formulation will be concentrated in different spots on the mask depending on the specific skin needs of each client and the 3D printing.

The brand’s medical reps cannot contain their excitement about the launch of the new innovative product. Dr Michael Southall who is the Global R&D Leader at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. sees an extremely revolutionary potential of the development of such technology.

“Neutrogena MaskiD marks one step towards a new model of product development where we find innovative uses for the latest technology, such as digital imaging, skin analysis, and 3D printing, to give consumers new ways to achieve their best skin ever.”

The mask should be officially available to US consumers by the end of the year. However, the first glimpse of the mask will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas this upcoming week, so stay tuned to the brand’s Instagram and website that will soon post latest updates about the product.