Winter Spas: The Best Relaxation During Winter

During winter, most of us love to go skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the snowy and cold weather. But relaxing is also important. If you are not sure where to go read on.

We have prepared for you an article about an experience you will never forget (if you haven’t done it yet). There are many spas in the world, but not all of them are made for winter. Those which are are called winter spas and believe us, they are great even for those who hate winter.

Massages, warm robes and slippers, hot swimming pools, saunas, and many more activities do the winter spas offer. Let’s check them out.

The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe, California

Beauty, luxury, warmth, and relaxation all in one, that’s what the Ritz-Carlton in California provides for their guests. Located in one of California’s finest and most beautiful nature escapes, this Spa Resort will make all your wishes come true. You can enjoy a breath-taking massage and right after that go to the swimming pool and enjoy the water and the views at the same time.

The Alpina Gstaad Ski & Spa, Switzerland

What we highly recommend for you is to travel to Europe’s Switzerland. During winter, this country is one of the most beautiful winter season’s countries in the world. A beautiful nature, snowy weather, many high-quality ski resorts and also spas.

The Alpina Gstaad Ski & Spa Resort in the mountains is according to many guests’ words going to surpass all your expectations. In high mountains and deep forests, you will calm yourself from everything that awaits you at home. If you want to combine the relaxation with fun, the Alpina Gstaad Resort got you covered and offers you not only one, but many more slopes for beginners, experienced, but also pro skiers and snowboarders.

Nordik Spa-Nature, Ottawa

The Nordik Spa-Nature in Ottawa is considered to be the largest spa in North America. With such a title it cannot disappoint any guest and it never did. You can enjoy yourself in one of seven Scandinavian-style outdoor baths, try out not one, not two but nine different saunas, enjoy an astonishing restaurant or taste many great cocktails at the outdoor terrace lounge.

Not only does the Nordik Spa-Nature offers an experience you will never forget, but it also provides its guests with many other activities like social nights, parties, get-togethers, et cetera… If you want to get out for the rest of winter and don’t know where yet, we are telling you, go to Ottawa, you won’t regret it!

There are thousands of spas in the world, but only a few can carry a title of being one of the best. We are sure you are going to pick the right destination for yourself and if you do, enjoy it all while it lasts.