SIAM 2019: International Motor Show Monaco Considered To Be The Most Exclusive One!

From February 28th to March 3rd, every citizen or visitor of Monaco will have a chance to visit Monaco’s most exclusive International motor show Monaco SIAM 2019. This event is organized by Nicolas Hesse, the chairman and co – founder of Expo Monaco. This year, it will be the third edition and even for those who have visited the show in the previous editions, it will be an unforgettable experience. There are thousands of motor shows all around the world, but not many can call themselves ones of the best. Well, Monaco SIAM can and everyone knows it.

For 4 days you will be able to see the cars you can barely see on the road. From old veterans to the cars of the future, they know what you want to see. Concept cars, electric cars, hypercars, prestige brands – all that will be there in its full beauty.

From concept cars…
…to veterans and more beauties.

Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, Tesla, and many more world’s known car brands will meet under one roof to show off the design, performance, and prestige it has.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to combine the car show with a special experience, they got it all figured out for you. You can book a transfer by helicopter from Nice to Monaco and after the show back to Nice. Isn’t that great?

If you’ve got no plans for the end of February, be sure to get the tickets now, until it’s too late. Believe us, you will never forget such a great experience like SIAM 2019 !