Andriy Shevchenko: Former Football Player, Football Manager And Mainly, Multi-Talented Man

If you’re a fan of football you most certainly know a man named Andriy Shevchenko. This 42 years old man born in Ukraine is considered to be a multi-talented figure. For over a decade he’s been playing football as a professional for the most elite football clubs in the world – Dynamo Kyiv, AC Milan and Chelsea.

With a total of 446 matches and 219 goals during his senior career, he has become an unforgettable part of football history and nothing will change that. Andriy shot the most goals for Italian elite football club you definitely know, AC Milan. For this club, he scored astonishing 127 goals straight to the net. That made him popular not only in Italy but worldwide.

During his time at AC Milan Andriy had the best time of his career!

Andriy had also joined Ukraine’s national team since his 18th birthday until the end of his career as a player. After that, he became a manager (and a successful one). Since 2016, he is managing the national team trying to get them to win as many matches as possible.

Andriy invests his time not only in football and sports but also in politics. He is known to publicly express his opinions when it comes to politics. Andriy even stood as a candidate at elections to the Ukrainian Parliament.

We can’t wait for more accomplishments and achievements Andriy will achieve in the up coming year. He is a clear proof that everything is possible if you try a little.