Diddy’s and Mark Wahlberg’s Joint Venture Will Surely Blow Your Mind

If you are wondering what could the acclaimed Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg and the rap megastar Sean Combs also known as Diddy have in common we do not really blame you. The joint venture the duo enclosed together with the prominent American investor and businessman Ronald Burkle is definitely out of the ordinary when one considers the usual and more stereotypical business deals of a rapper and Hollywood actor.

The trio surprisingly decided to inject large amounts of investment into the AQUAhydrate, Inc. which is a Southern California-based company producing the AQUAhydrate performance lifestyle beverage that is according to the company’s website geared towards the new generation of Millennial consumers.

Yes, you read correctly, both Diddy and Mark are joint investors and board members of a water producing company. However, if you would think that the water that is being produced by AQUAhydrate is another mediocre mineral scam you could not be farther away from the truth.

The AQUAhydrate water is purified to the highest standards through an industry-leading proprietary process. Additionally, the water is supplemented with electrolytes and natural trace minerals which leads to an elevation of alkaline pH of over 9. As a result, consumers of the water get to experience greater hydration, balance and higher performance.

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The water is specifically designed to aid professional athletes, sports teams or any other basic health, fitness and wellness enthusiasts. Mark himself got first introduced to AQUAhydrate in the midst of preparations for his lead role in ‘The Fighter’ where he portrayed a boxer. Immediately after starting to drink AQUAhydrate Mark begun to notice improvements in his physical performance.

“I started to really feel the difference in my recovery time … I thought well, the only thing it could be is the water.”

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The rest is history and both Diddy and Mark are today proud investors of a product they truly love and swear by. Well if it was not for them, the company would not be enjoying a triple-digit annual growth since 2012.

AQUAhydrate is a true obsession since once you get to experience its real benefits you will not be able to stop drinking it, like us.