New Audi A8 to show us what it can do

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Audi is in the game for a very long time and they still don’t know their limits because they always come up with something new. Now, they came up with new A8 which will have more than a lot of driving features, a lot of power and charisma many cars don’t have.

If you’re thinking about getting a luxury car and if you already got a list of the ones that you like, add this one to it. Audi claims that new A8 is more than just a car and with a bunch of features we really feel like it.

Advanced assistance systems that are supposed to make driving more comfortable and safer. Are you stuck in a traffic jam? Don’t be nervous, just turn on Audi AI traffic jam pilot and the car will take care of everything. By everything, I mean it will control the car while the traffic is moving slowly, brake if necessary and even speed up when possible up to 37 mph. Other than that, if you’re tired to park or you just don’t want to, Audi AI pilot and AI garage pilot are there for you to park the car by itself. And if you need to hurry, you don’t need to wait in the car while it will do its job, just get out and tell it what to do using your smartphone.

Every year brings us new technologies and making our lives easier. The features I talked about are not everything, but I’m not going to spoil it all.

Wide single-frame grille, sporty roofline, a coupé-like look of the car and even more shows us new and beautiful design. New rear lights with an optional OLED technology are also a positive change.

Under the hood is going to be 3-litre TDI, 286 HP, and torque of 600 Nm and in petrol version is going to be 3-litre TFSI, 340 HP, and torque of 500 Nm. If that’s not enough you can get the top tier which will contain W12, 6-litre, 585 HP and torque of 800 Nm.

New Audi A8 will want to keep its one of the top 5 luxury cars position and after seeing what they are going to come out with, we’re sure they are not going to disappoint us.