Puff Diddy’s CÎROC Vodka Has Now a Flavor of Black Raspberry

The latest addition to the CÎROC family is without a doubt one of the brand’s most creative gems. The premium label has recently introduced a completely new and unique flavor of Black Raspberry.

The Black Raspberry Vodka became an instant hit and also because of its limited availability, an absolute demand catcher among the most prominent clientele.

The recipe for the CÎROC Vodka base remains the same, meaning the brand keeps up its premium five-time distillation process of grapes exported from high profile Southern French harvests. However, the flavor has a special twist. The vodka is infused with a distinctive aroma and blend of juicy black raspberries and additional subtle aroma hints of tropical fruit and citrus.

The limited edition Raspberry Vodka, therefore, brings in a flavorful mixture of berry and citrusy tastes. The brand on its Instagram page oftentimes posts go-to drink recipes specially designed to bring out the best and most pure taste of the liquor.

One of our ultimate faves has to defo be the ‘Black Smash’ cocktail recipe. Likewise, it is a  drink choice of the rapper and producer Sean Diddy Combs who co-owns the CÎROC venture.

He shares with Ellen Degeneres in her Ellen show what inspired him to add the new Black Raspberry flavor to CÎROC portfolio.


Moreover, we are surely not the only ones who appreciate the fine and unique taste of the CÎROC Black Raspberry Vodka. Many prominent A-listers such as rapper French Montana or producer DJ Khaled regularly rave about the one-of-a-kind taste of the Black Raspberry creation.

The CÎROC Black Raspberry Vodka will surely become the drink of your choice the same way as it mesmerized us. Nevertheless, beware that the Black Raspberry edition is truly limited and only exclusively available.