Meet GAB, The Talented Artist Who Went From Graffiti To Galleries

Meet Licari Gabriel by artist name Gab, born in Grasse in the south of France.

Passionate about drawing from an early age and after spending his time decorating the books of his schoolmates, he decided to create a landscaping company, a way to express that creativity.

For almost two years now, he has decided to take back the bombs left on the street and to concentrate on his art in order to offer personalized luxury accessories and soon sculptures too.

Started as a street artist making his first frescoes. Today he offers portraits of iconic or unknown characters, landscapes or all representations in a style that is clean, often very colorful, glittery and shiny.

Hello Gab,

We are thrilled to share with our readers your love for art…

Q: Do you remember the earliest memory of when you wanted to do what you do today?

Honestly, it was not planned. It’s as if you wake up one morning remembering something long forgotten, and I was like: „Damn why I’m not drawing anymore !?“ So I picked up the aerosol paints I had left on the street for too long.

Q: You started with the mentioned street art. What is it like working in outdoor spaces? Obviously, there are factors like weather or environment that will influence the work no matter what.

It is necessary to work quickly outside. The night and discreetness of it it is more than the actual painting. It is a rise of adrenaline.

Q: What made you go from outdoor street art to indoor canvas? 

My professional life forced me to put my passions aside. When I decided to start painting again, it was 10 years after my last graffiti. I started again with a different and more professional vision because street art has become fashionable.

« Humphrey Bogart » Canvas with resin glass 116×89 2018

Q: Your rich portfolio showcases many different techniques. What inspires you?

I, unfortunately, did not have the chance to study art and different techniques at school.  I observe, I try, I adapt, I evolve unceasingly. I try to set no limits and each new project is a new challenge! What is important is to bring a new vision of street art, to do something different.  I will draw my inspiration from everyday life, the society in which we live, the people around me, and my own experiences. It can arise from anywhere.

« Ali in the light » Luminous Painted Glass 136×106, 2018
« Vito Corleone » Canvas with resin glass 116×89 2018

Q: What is more important for art, the idea or the execution?

Someone once said:  “Who works with his hands is a worker, Who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, Who works with his hands his head and his heart is an artist “

I think the idea is as important as the realization of this idea, but it only becomes art if everything is done with love.

« Swiss Made » Canvas with resin glass 116×89 2018

Q: Where does the process begin for you?

It all starts with the idea, creativity is the basis. It can arise anytime and anywhere. Once we know what we want to do, we start thinking about how we are going to do it.

Q: Apparently you are always on the lookout for new objects to include in your artwork. What makes something special enough to be used in your art?

Street art is already well known. I am therefore looking for novelties that have not yet been exploited, which is why I created in 2018 an illuminated glass painting to offer to the public something innovative. It’s the best way to get my art to stand out from the crowd.

« Let the music play » Canvas with vinyl and resin glass 180×120, 2018

Q: You also customize Luxury Accessories. You hand print each and every bag, shoe or luggage to its unique look. Can you describe this process, your famous pieces of art and perhaps who did you collaborate with?

I am working on the customization of luxury accessories like precious leather handbags. It all started when “Private Haute Couture” came to offer me a collaboration. It was not easy because I had to develop a technique that allowed me to reproduce my work in very small formats with new tools like the airbrush and to find a new paint to adapt it to the new medium. Today I can create personalized leather accessories on request with a perfect finish and an impeccable quality of paint.

« NefeRiri bag #2 »
« Kiss My Grillz #4 »
Tommy Hilfiger

Q: Is there any other type of art you are currently working on? 

I also plan to release my first statue this year. Obviously, it will not look like anything that is being done right now. I can not tell you more for the moment the project must remain confidential until the final moment. What I can tell you is that it will be the adaptation of my canvas “Kiss My Grillz”. It is going to be amazing so stay tuned!

« Kiss My Grillz » Canvas with resin glass 80×60 x2 pieces 2019

Q: It is possible for you to separate your work from your life?

Absolutely not because I live my work and my work lives in me. It’s the best way to live life doing what you love the most.

Q: Do you collect art yourself?

I love art in all its forms and collect it as much as my wallet allows me.

Q: Where in the world do you exhibit your art?

You can find my works on the Côte d’Azur, Monaco, Lugano, and St. Moritz but also Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Thank you, Gab. We will definitely stay on the lookout for your upcoming works.

Don’t keep your walls boring“ and think of getting a piece of art yourself. Get inspired on GAB‘s personal Instagram page.