Dear members, subscribers, and readers,

you have probably noticed several outages of our applications ONN Network and ONN Discover. Unfortunately, these outages were caused by unauthorized breaches into the applications and the illegal violation is still taking place at the present moment. According to the information available to us, the activity is an illegal cyber hacking with a possibility of attempted phishing and other akin breaches.

We have a reasonable belief that one of the ONN project co-founders, Mr. Peter Kianicka is in collaboration with other third parties behind the violations.

They are most likely attempting to illegally transfer the applications and their content to different servers while blocking access of the ONN media, s.r.o company to the applications’ accounts. The ONN media, s.r.o company is the sole and proprietary distributor of both applications and likewise of the remaining components of the ONN project. Additionally, the co-founders of the ONN project granted the sole and only license holding for the project to the ONN media, s.r.o company.

We suspect that Mr. Peter Kianicka perhaps with the help of Mrs. Zuzana Karasova (partner of Mr. Peter Kianicka and co-owner of the ONN media,s.r.o company), approached one of our very own members, the CEO and founder of the Lund Group Mr. Lucien Ndabagera in an endeavor to acquire investment funding. According to the information available to us, Mr. Lucien Ndabagera indeed presented him/them with investment. Neither the remaining co-founders of the ONN project, nor the ONN media,s.r.o company were aware of such process and they remain unaware till the very present moment. Despite our continuous efforts to contact Mr. Lucien Ndabagera, we are unable to get in touch with him and thus, we cannot determine whether he became a victim of the fraud or more precisely the attempted fraud or whether he is actively or passively participating in it.

We have a suspicion that Mr. Peter Kianicka together with involved parties are in an illegal and violating manner attempting to take over and redirect existing applications, including all user data. In addition, we are afraid that Mr. Peter Kianicka together with involved parties will seek to release the same applications with the same name and/or similar applications which will be copying the existing nature of the ONN project however, with exception of excluding the remaining co-founders. Such conduct would completely violate joint authorship and copyright laws.

The parties who are first and foremost being harmed by this conduct are you, our members, and all subscribers and readers and likewise the remaining co-founders of the ONN project and ONN media,s.r.o company.

At this moment, we are trying our best to protect you and your data and to technically secure the ONN project and its applications. Simultaneously, we are taking legal action against the illegal activity and fraud and in a like manner against all actively or passively involved parties.

At the same time, if you have any relevant information regarding and/or demand further information about the aforementioned situation, we would like to kindly ask you to contact us at [email protected]

We deeply regret that we have to inform you about the situation in such a manner however, at the present moment it is the only way how we can share the information about the given situation and enlighten you about the operating of the ONN project and its applications.

We strongly believe and hope that you will remain loyal to the ONN project, since we have worked incredibly hard on building it since the day one and we will not allow for greed of certain individuals to stop us from doing so in the future.

Together we make the one and only ONN, that needs your presence and involvement the most right now. We will keep you posted about any upcoming developments and updates on the situation.

Kindly and thankfully,

ONN Network

ONN Discover

ONN media,s.r.o