Dear members, subscribers, and readers,

as we have already informed you about the technical difficulties of our ONN Network and ONN Discover applications, we managed to remove these failures and stabilize the applications and whole platform.

In matters relating to unauthorized intervention and other suspicious activities, we assure you that we are everything solving legally.

At the same time, we would like to warn you that Mr. Peter Kianicka and Mrs. Zuzana Karasova together and/or individually are not authorized to act and conclude any agreements or sign any contracts on behalf of the ONN Project or ONN media,s.r.o. company.

If you have been contacted, aware of the situation or they would like to enter into or conclude any agreement or contract with you on behalf of ONN project and/or ONN media, s.r.o, we will be glad if you provide us this information, it will help us in the legal proceedings.

If you have any relevant information on the facts above and/or need further information, please contact us at [email protected]

Together we will create one and only ONN. We will keep you posted.

Kindly and thankfully,

ONN Network

ONN Discover

ONN media,s.r.o