The Lion King Remake Closed Its First Two Weeks at $1 Billion

The creators of the new Lion King remake can truly start celebrating now. The movie has under two weeks, ever since its release, completely beat its original predecessor and already earned an astronomic one billion dollars.

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Rise up. #TheLionKing opens in theaters Friday.

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Similarly, the movie has ever since it premiered remained the number one screened and visited box office movie worldwide, notably in the US and the majority of Europe. Everyone who has seen the movie has to agree that in spite of the fact that everything in the movie was computer-generated, the authenticity and depiction of the characters could almost not be told apart from real life.

The director of the movie Jon Favreau tried to stay as authentic to the original animated movie as possible. As he confessed in one of the interviews, before he began to develop the movie, he made a list of all important moments from the original movie he could remember so that he could remain as faithful to the original movie as possible. 


If there is one thing Disney is truly accomplished at, it would have to be creating incredibly successful remakes of its original classics. Only in the recent two years, Disney has already earned about $1.26 billion for its 2017’s remake of Beauty and the Beast and about $1 billion for it’s recent Aladdin remake.

The company has recently announced its plan to create a live-action remake of one of its original Disney classics, The Little Mermaid. As a true Disney generation, we cannot wait for more live-action Disney movies to come and especially the one of The Little Mermaid.