Introducing the Making of YEEZY Home Social Housing

We believe there is no need to introduce the rapping legend Kanye West’s YEEZY brand and lifestyle concept. The rapper and designer oftentimes comes up with completely unique and unexpected ideas that one would not normally think of.

Kanye has for a while now debated the idea of creating social housing units however, it was not up until now that the public came to an awareness that the project was already in its making.

The TMZ news website has released what seems to be drone footage of the project’s construction site.


Kanye is therefore really building the social houses. The architecture of the houses is however really atypical to any other existing community or social housings in the area. The YEEZY home project will consist of dome-like structures that should according to the sources close to the rapper break the barries between social classes.

The project is being built on a 300-acre property Kanye purchased a few years ago in Calabasas. The site looks pretty futuristic already and we cannot wait to see the final result.