A$AP Rocky Is a Free Man

If you have not caught up with the recent US versus Sweden news buzz yet, we are bringing you the latest update on the whole A$AP Rocky assault situation.

The rapper A$AP Rocky is now back on the American soil following his release from the Swedish custody.


Following a gig the rapper had in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, he was accused of an alleged assault against a 19-year-old Afghan national that occurred on June 30th. Ever since then, A$AP was held in custody before the official trial date was determined

Notably, the prolonged detainment of the rapper sparked international outrage among politicians but likewise celebrities and fellow friends of A$AP.

Likewise, due to the detainment A$AP had to cancel several of his planned shows including the ones in London, Dublin, Oslo, and Poland. Nevertheless, the rapper has been freed and as of Friday, he is back in the United States.

However, in spite of the rapper being permitted to a custody release, he will still have to await the final verdict of the trial that is set for August 14th.