Rihanna Enjoys Some Hometown Sunshine During Crop Over Festival

The singer and beauty and clothing mogul Rihanna is at the moment enjoying some splashing fun in the sun of her homeland Barbados in the Caribbean.

The Crop Over Festival that became a signature Barbadian attraction for tourists from all around the world, as well as locals, brings Rihanna back to her hometown of Bridgetown every year.


Rihanna has joined her friends and fam in celebrations of this week’s Kadooment Day parade. The day is a grand finale of the wrap up of the Crop Over Festival. The parade is an annual occasion during which locals and visitors dress up in funky extravagant costumes, usually resembling the Brazilian carnival parades, and parade them in the streets.

The icon this year sported head-to-toe pink feathery ensemble created by a Dutch designer David LaPort. Rihanna accessorized the piece with glittery jewels and crystal-covered pumps.


The parade seemed like loads of fun and we do not doubt that our Barbadian beauty must have had a blast. We already cannot wait with what kind of costume she will come up with next year.