Edmiston Restores Period Yachts Available For Rent

Have you ever dreamed of charting around the Greek islands or French riviera in full class of special period yachts? The world-leading yacht industry company Edmiston is offering just that.


Apart from specializing in yacht sale, management and construction of new models, the company likewise restores period yachts that are consecutively offered in Edmiston’s charter services.

One of the greatest company prides is undoubtedly the renovated 1929 Haida yacht. The yacht can post-renovation fully accommodate up to 12 guests and is equipped with pool and jacuzzi on board. Despite the major renovation that the yacht underwent, the company kept its 1930s’ retro vibe when furnishing, hence, the guests are able to experience the true essence of the given period.


The yacht is available for charter rentals in several locations around the Mediterranean sea. We would not hesitate a minute if we were you since Haida became highly demanded ever since it was awarded the best refit of 2019 prize at the World Superyacht Awards this year.