London Will Have Its First Helicopter Restaurant

The English food delivery giant Deliveroo wants to bring its customer completely new and different service than ever before. The company will trial serving customers’ favorite dishes 1,000 feet above ground overlooking the London skyline.

The new service that the company offers is called Roocopter One and proposes customers the possibility to book a helicopter ride while enjoying fine dishes from one of their favorite restaurants. Deliveroo has collaborated together with the Charter-A helicopter fleet to bring this unique experience to the customers.

The customers can book a table on Roocopter and are be able to invite up to five guests. The group will then head to the Battersea helipad where they’ll order meals from the preselected list of restaurants that Deliveroo collaborates with. While waiting for the delivery the customers will be acquainted with onboard safety training.

Afterward, the dinner party begins in the skies, flying above buildings such as the London Shard or the O2 Arena. For now, the service is free as a trial to a limited number of registrations.

However, the company would like to incorporate Roocopter as one of its stable services and expand to other cities including Sydney, Hong Kong, and Edinburgh.