Rolex Yacht-Masters Are the Perfect Summer Fit

The prestigious watchmaker Rolex found the inspiration for its latest collection in the beauties of sailing. Perhaps that is why its latest model carriers the name Yacht-Master 42. The 42 model definitely comes a long way from its 40 predecessors.


After many appeals from yacht and sailing enthusiasts, Rolex has come up with a brand new watch model that is more robust in size and sports much larger luminous indices that make it a perfect fit for a true sailor!

The watch itself has a 42mm-diameter case, black ceramic bezel and a rubber-like bracelet. However, the watch can come in many different variations including titanium Jubilee-style bracelet as well as the extra-terrestrial metallic pattern on the body of the watch.

The watch among other features a new generation 70-hour power reserve, the calibre 3235 watch movement. Likewise, its bi-directional 60-minute bezel enables the calculation of sailing time between navigation marks.


If you were looking for a perfect addition to a sailing trip definitely check out the Rolex Yacht-Master 42, a watch that combines the nautical style and design with the time and measuring preciseness every sailor needs.