The Beauties of Saudi Arabia Are About to Be Finally Revealed to Greater Public

Ever since Saudi Arabia extended its new tourism visa to a greater number of travelers, the country has become a lavish hotspot and the latest exclusive holiday destination. The country not only offers to its visitors never before seen treasures and natural gems but likewise proposes splendid leisure at many luxurious establishments from hotels to spas and resorts.


One of the many previously hidden beauties has to undoubtedly be the town of Diriyah, situated on the outskirts of the capital city of Riyadh, that used to be the original home to the Saudi royal family. The peripheries of the capital are known for also hosting many prestigious events, such as the Formula E Championship that will be returning in the coming November.


Despite its extensive natural heritage Saudi similarly has its historical and urban legacy. For instance, the old town district of the city Jeddah, the so-called Al Balad labyrinth, depicts the true Arab culture with its traditional architecture. However, the city likewise bears a more cosmopolitan image with its modern art scene districts that will without a doubt delight all visiting art enthusiasts.


If one prefers to indulge in the natural and historical beauties of Saudi instead of discovering the urban culture, the country is the perfect spot for exploring desert dunes or nature safari resorts.


Saudi just has it all, the nature, the history, and the culture. The country will without a doubt make a perfect vacation spot for your next holiday. Read more about what Saudi has to offer.