New Gender-Neutral Collection of Fragrances Exclusively Launched by Thom Browne

The US-based fashion designer Thom Browne is launching his latest perfume collection. However, this collection will be debuted with a little bit of a twist. The same unisex energy Thom embeds in his timeless design of grey palette suitings will be likewise implanted into his new gender-neutral fragrance collection.


The collection consists of six unique unisex scents that carry a serial number-like name ranging from 01 to 06 based on Thom’s birthday, the 09.27.65 fragrances. Each scent is quite distinct and varies depending on its intensity and depth. According to Thom, more day-time appropriate scents would be Cucumber 01, Grapefruit 02 or Rose 03 that are easily wearable and extremely fresh. On the other side, the scents with more depth and more masculine-like aroma are spicy Smoke 05 or rich Whiskey 04.


The fragrances were designed in collaboration with a Swiss perfume master Givaudan. Thom aimed to create a versatile collection that would be fitting for both men and women while maintaining a very lowkey non-commercial feel to it.

“I’ve always loved fragrance, and I wanted to create something that was very noncommercial. I wanted these scents to be iconic, and for me an iconic fragrance, especially one that crosses for both men and women, is a vetiver.”

“A lot of people approach fragrance from more of a business point of view, thinking about a broader audience. I approached it from the exact opposite.”


The collection will be available and officially launched at the beginning of this month. For more details follow the official launch on Thom Browne’s website.