Surprise, Surprise… Rihanna Will Appear on a Paperback Cover

The Barbadian beauty, singer and business mogul Rihanna will soon enough add up another title to her already existing long list of talents and careers. After managing a successful make-up line, fashion label and recent launch of her lingerie collection, Rihanna has dived into writing her very first and very own autobiography.


Rihanna took to Instagram to announce the exciting news with her fans. Reportedly, the book has already been 5 years in making while the star made sure that the memoir would be as authentic and close to her heart as possible. In her post, she could not contain her excitement about being able to finally publicly announce the project.

The post includes a short video clip that depicts a sneak peek of the cover and some of the photographs that will be later on published in the book. The autobiography was created in collaboration with photographers and artists from Phaidon publishing.

The book will feature some of Rihanna’s dearest but at the same time most real memories from growing up in Barbados, her path to fame and career in the music industry to her journey to current business ventures and lifestyle.

The book is now exclusively available for pre-order at the