Custom Nike Jesus Filled With Holy Water Are the Latest Sneaker Flex

The latest extravagant remodeled version of Nike Air Max 97 secured its creators’ instant success and sold out stocks. The custom made Nike Jesus were designed in collaboration with Brooklyn-based studio MSCHF and artist Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum.

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#hypebeastdrops: Brooklyn-based creative label MSCHF has tapped INRI (Iesus Nazaraeus Rex Iudaeorum) to produce a customized Nike Air Max 97 that evokes the miracle of Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14:25. The pair have been filled with 60cc of water that was originally sourced from the River Jordan and then blessed, meaning wearers are able to, theoretically, walk on Holy Water. MSCHF continues its biblical references with a nod to The Vatican, who is known for their intricate jewels and traditional red shoes. As a result, the customized pair features red insoles that have been scented with Frankenscence in reference to this, and include a steel crucifix on the shoelaces, Matthew 14:25 inscription on the toe box, and an all-round muted water-themed colorway with red accents. Rounding off this Godly pair is a shoebox that features a seal that is modified from the official Papal Seal, and an angel on the box that is excerpted from Albrecht Durer’s 1514 engraving Melencolia I. The pair sold out within a minute on October 8, and can now be bought on the StockX marketplace with prices starting at $2,499 USD — with some pairs demanding a price that’s double, or even nearly eight times more expensive than its original $1,425 USD retail price. Date: Oct 08 Price: $1425 USD Where to buy: Photo: STOCKX

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The duo took the Air Max classics and redesigned them featuring a steel crucifix that is set on a silhouette of the shoe that reminisces a small grail. In addition, among Bible inscriptions on the shoes’ body, the custom model hallmarks a special holy water feature. The sole of the shoe was filled with 60cc of holy water taken from the River Jordan that was subsequently blessed.

The shoes should according to the description evoke the momentum of Jesus walking on water in Matthew 14:25. The listing at StockX which is a well-known reseller marketplace for limited editions of exclusive sneakers and streetwear amounts the reselling price of the shoes at $3000. However, since the collection is very limited it is expected that the price will, later on, jump even higher.

We definitely agree that the Jesus custom model is really out there but for true sneaker enthusiasts and limited edition collectors, this piece will make a very valuable asset.