ONN under attack / The statement

Dear members, followers, and readers,

We have to write this article and publish to inform you about the current situation, as many of you write to us, alert us and asked us what is happening. Like us, you are also noticing the activities of certain individuals. With the interest of protecting our original ONN project and its other authors, we will try to briefly describe the current situation.

Not that long ago, we informed you about a potential attempt of fraud and probably illegal actions that were taken against our network and as a result caused outages of our applications ONN Network and ONN Discover. These applications and database breaches were completely unauthorized.

Already at that time, we assumed that the group of individuals behind these breaches was going to illegally attempt to transfer the applications and their content to different accounts and servers while blocking the access of ONN media company to the head accounts.

Apparently, we were not mistaken in our suspicions.

Repeatedly, we have a reasonable suspicion that one of the co-founders of the original ONN project, Mr. Peter Kianička in coordination with and help from other individuals organized the above-explained activity. According to sources available to us, the involved parties are Mr. Peter Kianička, Mr. Lucien Ndabagera (supposed investor, who deceptively proclaimed to be investing into the original ONN Network and ONN Discover project and subsequently launching a copycat premium social media network), and eventually, other people.

For your information, Mr. Lucien Ndabagera never was an ONN project investor (or ONN Network, ONN Discover, www.onn.network) and never provided any financial resources to us as authors or to ONN media company. However, we have reasonable suspicions that perhaps with a group of above-mentioned individuals they were trying to launch and also launched a parallel premium social media network that is copying our ONN network’s data, content, information, design, know-how and they registered the network under a similar name ”ONN news” with online domain www.onn.news.

We have also noticed a change of name from ONN news to the current name “TCHIIN network” with the domain www.tchiin.news, It is still probably the same and fraudulent activity. Apparently, they are trying to cover the visibly copied parts and they hope that thus they hide their probably illegal activity.

fake TCHIIN network

Similarly, we have a suspicion that this group of individuals likewise launched a false and deceptive campaign against our ONN project (ONN Network, ONN Discover, www.onn.network) on different communication channels like Instagram.
We believe that the main goal of their deceptive campaign is to constrain, shut down and harm the ONN project while simultaneously develop their own “new” premium social media network at the expense of our original project.

When was the original ONN project created and started?

The original ONN project started to be prepared by the authors since 2017 and was subsequently launched in the first half of 2018, and a dedicated and unlimited license was granted to our ONN media company.

Mr. Peter Kianicka was also at the beginning, unfortunately, as one of the authors of our original ONN project. Together with other authors granted to ONN media company exclusive and unlimited license to the project, which is still valid.

Mr. Peter Kianička to this day did not fulfill his part of the co-author contribution to the ONN project. Similarly, he left behind financial debts and is not liable to fulfill his obligations.

Instead of doing so, the original source code or part of our original ONN project was apparently used illegally. Data of our members from our original ONN project were moved directly to “new” social network without knowledge of our members (see pictures below). We are currently registering that the profiles and data of these members are erased (apparently as an effort to quickly hide activity).

Our know-how was abused and we register launch, development and disseminate of this “new” project without us, apparently with financial support from Mr. Lucien Ndabagera, who publicly declares and promotes this “next new” launch


fake tchiin


Mr. Lucien Ndabagera was one of the members of our original ONN project because we provided him with free membership as an expression of our goodwill.
Before the summer of 2019, we noticed his meeting with Mr. Peter Kianička and other people from this group. Subsequently, Mr. Lucien Ndabagera declared that he is an alleged investor in our original ONN project. He later promoted and publicly declared that he would launch a “new” premium social network and subsequently launch ONN news (Q4 / 2019). Right now he declares that is launching another “new” social network called TCHIIN network, but it is still the same “project” but with a new name and logo, thus only a renaming their ONN news (see pictures below).


Lucien Ndabagera Tchiin ONN Network Tchiin
Lucien Ndabagera ONN news = TCHIIN network

Already before the summer of 2019, we tried to communicate with Mr. Lucien Ndabagera, to be careful not to become a victim of fraud. Mr. Lucien Ndabagera did not communicate with us at all, unfortunately only now we realized that he is probably an active part.

From public sources, it is known that Mr. Lucien Ndabagera and Mrs. Zuzana Karasova are also partners in their new company First TOP media, s.r.o. (see link: http://orsr.sk/vypis.asp?ID=459427&SID=9&P=0). First TOP Media operates a site www.onn.news and also www.tchiin.news and probably is involved in the operation of their “new” premium networks and applications.

From publicly available sources it is known that Ms. Zuzana Karasova was also at the establishment of our company ONN media, s.r.o., while being a partner and executive in our original company ONN media, s.r.o. (when founding ONN media, she was placed in our company directly by Mr. Peter Kianicka, because he himself did not want to figure in this company and simultaneously currently she is his fiancee)

Unfortunately, ONN media s.r.o can proceed legally only with the active participation of Mrs. Zuzana Karasová, who owes vast financial resources to the ONN media company that she has not returned to today and does not respond to the requests.

The above-mentioned group of individuals in coordination with perhaps additional parties probably breaches all copyrights and civil legislation, as well as criminal laws and regulations and above all, causes great harm to the remaining co-founders of the ONN project and ONN media company. We suspect that they may be trying to liquidate our ONN media company.

Likewise, all other persons (companies, members or otherwise cooperating persons) involved in and/or benefiting from such illegal conduct and, in part, may violate legal regulations and cause further damage to other co-authors of original ONN project and ONN media.

At this moment we cannot develop our original ONN project according to our original plans, our ideas and provide you new interesting services.
Unfortunately, we suffer and passively watch how this group of people implements these plans, our ideas and services into their “new” premium social network TCHIIN network (formerly ONN news).

We would like to reassure you that from the technical perspective, we managed to stabilize the applications and restore the protection over all of the remaining services within our network hence, making them fully and most importantly safely available to you, our members and followers.

Unfortunately, the situation affects and harms likewise you, our members, followers, and readers. Nevertheless, as harmed authors and partners in ONN media company, we are taking legal actions against these illegal practices, and to the all the passively or actively involved parties.

If you will have any relevant information regarding the above-raised situation, please contact us at [email protected].

We need your help now! Thank you.

We are ONN.

With respect and thanks,
ONN Network
ONN Discover
ONN media, s.r.o.