A quarantine wedding by Irina Gorbunova and Victor Sychov.

With social distancing guidelines and coronavirus lockdown orders still in place plans to
propose in exotic locales or fancy restaurants came to a screeching halt.
The crisis and global panic have seated us in their square meters, made some to feel
bored, and others to hide in a corner and tremble with fear. And only those who
perceive everything that is happening as a stage, as an opportunity to see something
unique and outstanding in this situation.

A wedding during a pandemic! How do you like it?
So that’s a story about when true sincere love overcomes any obstacles.
May 1, 2020. The famous choreographer Viktor Sychov married the star of the British
“X Factor” Irina Gorbunova.

Irina Sychov is wearing the dress by Alison Bridal Alison Bridal, wedding bouquet by Floral №5

Irina and Victor are two successful artists with global international achievements.
Irina is a professional singer. Her tracks were released on major European and
American labels; She also works as a creative producer of many major events in the
world. Meanwhile, Irina is the creator of a unique vocal program, which has already
trained more than a thousand people. Victor is a world-class choreographer who works with world-famous stars. He is the author of his own patented dance technique and one of the most sought-after choreographers of our time. And the touring geography of the newlyweds before the lockdown was simply amazing!

With gigs and concerts, they have traveled almost the entire globe. And, despite the
constant flights and movements, their paths met at one point exactly three months ago.
And a new chapter began to develop in the lives of both. So that’s a story about when
true sincere love overcomes any obstacles. Marriage registration took place in Las Vegas and was perhaps the most unusual in the history of the city. The whole city has never been so quiet, frozen, turned into a beautiful and almost deserted decoration. On that day, the city was only for two! Yes, the ceremony was held in masks. Yes, there was not a large crowd of people. And of course, everyone kept their distance … except for the bride and groom!

Irina Sychov: “I was so impressed by how many nice people there are in the world! All
bridal salons are closed now, so it was literally impossible to find a perfect dress. I was
very lucky to meet Inna, the owner of ‘Alison Bridal Boutique’. She found a perfect and
exclusive dress for our special day and even opened a salon for me! By the way, they
offer fast worldwide shipping, so if you are a bride that is looking for a wedding dress –
don’t go any further!
The same thing happened to my wedding bouquet. We met with Alla, the owner of the
Floral flower salon, at the beauty pageant I was hosting. She created a very beautiful
and gentle bouquet, based on the pictures of the dress and our wedding location. So, even with all these rules and regulations, my husband and I feel very special and happy
on our best day.”

As the newlyweds say – perhaps, if quarantine never happened, the wedding could have
taken place in a few years. Busy touring schedules, daily rehearsals, filming, and
concerts would allow you even to think about getting married. So, that is definitely an
example of the predestined marriage, when all the stars aligned!
So, if you still think that the crisis carries only destruction and divorces, then this can
only mean one thing – you cannot see the possibilities! As we all know, life does not
stop. Love does not stop. And this creative couple has proved this fact one more time.