Lamont Powell “The Blessed Boxer”

The 26-year-old Powell was a three-time Silver Mittens champion, who could easily have “Lucky” as his nickname. He is alleged to have been the target of the shooting that killed three of his siblings, a cousin, a friend, and an unborn nephew. Powell escaped 36-bullet shooting without a scratch. After the accident, he founded a charity named “Gloves Up, Guns Down”  hoping kids will turn to box rather than resorting to violence.

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Back on that near-fatal night in 2018, Lamont and his uncle were sitting in a car in front of Powell’s home, when another vehicle suddenly and surprisingly stopped near them. Two unidentified young men jumped out and starting firing automatic weapons in Powell’s direction. Thirty-six rounds were shot, one hit Powell’s uncle in the leg, but Powell somehow miraculously escaped without any harm.

“No bullets hit me,” Powell confirmed. “I’m blessed and the reason for that is God and my mother. We lost her when I was 3 years old. She is my guardian angel. We were just sitting in a car, when two kids got out of a car and starting shooting our car. They had extended clips, but I don’t know who they were, and neither do the police to this day. My uncle was taken to the hospital and I had to start watching myself closer.”

Gloves Up, Guns Down

Naturally, after his experience, Powell dramatically changed his lifestyle. Instead of running the streets and ending up like many people he knew, dead or incarcerated, Powell dedicated himself even more to boxing and created a charity for high-risk kids named Gloves Up, Guns Down, sponsored by Big Six Boxing Academy in Providence, where he trains with his grandfather as head coach, as well as having former U.S. Olympian boxer Jason “Big Six” Estrada in his corner.

Lamont is a three-time Silver Mittens champion, who compiled a 45-4 amateur record, prior to turning two years ago. He is 5-0 (1 KO) as a professional but, due to the pandemic, he hasn’t fought since last August, when he won a 4-round unanimous decision over 14-7-1 Ricardo Garcia. “I started boxing when I was eight years old,” Powell added. “Boxing kept me off, of the streets and busy. This is a sport outside of school that everyone can get involved in.” In the ring, Powell displays a stiff jab and, of course, tremendous conditioning. And like most boxers, he believes that he’ll be a champion someday.

Lamont Powell was born in Providence on May 25th, 1994.

Pro record titles

  • accomplishments  5-0 (1k0)
  • World title fight record wba, wbo, ibf, wbc 0-0 Record
  • Vs – world championships 0-0

Amateur record tittles

  • accomplishments 45-4 as an amateur
  • silver gloves champion 3 years in a row